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Good grief.

Good grief.

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America is Screwed

Donald will do for America what Benito did for Italy.

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Trump is a fraud.

Trump is a fraud.

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Well, that was embarrassing.

I think Trump will implode before the midterms, and then we'll be stuck with Pence.

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And that would be worse than Trump

And that would be worse than Trump I fear. With Pence at the helm and Ryan and McConnel in place, the power structure would be in ideological lockstep and would slide their right wing agenda right through. At least Trump marches to the beat of his own drummer, and his craziness has yanked people out of their complacency and solidified the resistance. Pence is evil but he's not crazy. But then Trump might get us into a nuclear war, so there's that to consider.

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Trump fallback

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