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62 agencies and programs Trump wants to cut

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Many of Trump's budget cuts

Many of Trump's budget cuts target the very people who voted for him. Typical Republican approach, on steriods.

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Healthy, hunger free kids ain't "demonstrable results"

In 2015 ~47% or 41,450 students participated in free and reduced lunches in the 2nd congressional district.

This is the Heritage Foundation budget.

"There's no demonstrable evidence they're actually doing that, there's no demonstrable evidence they're actually helping results — helping kids do better in school," said OMB director Mulvaney.

Trump supporter Jimmy Duncan should come to one of our schools in his 2nd Congressional district and tell the kids and teachers to our faces whether he agrees with this budget, that after school as well as free and reduced lunches aren't needed. He should tell the kids, their parents, teachers and administrators his thoughts on how these meals will be replaced or justify to their faces in public why they are not needed at all. He should be able to look us in the face and tell us that hungry kids learn just as well as those who are regularly fed.

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Could not believe he said

Could not believe he said that.

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Medical, science research faces huge cuts under Trump budget

The National Institutes of Health budget would be cut by $5.8 billion, meaning it would lose about 20%.

The budget also would eliminate entire programs, such as $403 million in health professionals and nursing training programs.

Medical, science research faces huge cuts under Trump budget

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Ten of Trump's budget's cruelest cuts

What kind of results is he expecting?

Mulvaney ...

...not showing any results

Ten of Trump's budget's cruelest cuts

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Can't ask coal miners to pay for Public Broadcasting

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Negotiating tactics

You realize that by releasing a budget that cuts all these programs to zero, the intent is to placate people into believing that a final result of deep cuts into all of these programs is a victory, because at least they were "saved."

Democrats should expose this obvious ploy by releasing a budget proposal that doubles funding for all of these programs and pays for it by drastically increasing taxes on billionaires. Then they can say maintaining existing funding levels is a victory.

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Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle logistics at taxpayer expense

In New York, the city is paying $500,000 a day to guard Trump Tower, according to police officials’ estimates, an amount that could reach $183 million a year.

Judicial Watch estimated that Obama-related travel expenses totaled nearly $97 million over eight years.

But based on the first four weeks, Trump’s presidency appears on track to cost hundreds of millions of dollars more.

Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ — at taxpayer expense

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Trump budget ax would slash

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Fact Check: Budget Director’s Claims That Programs Don’t Work

Evaluation of the home-meal delivery program found that participating helped reduce feelings of loneliness and the risk of falls while improving nutrition and food security, and even decreasing government spending.

“If you can provide these lower-cost programs and keep seniors out of nursing homes, that in essence will save money,” said Kali S. Thomas, a professor of health services at Brown University.

Dr. Thomas’s research showed that Medicaid spending could be reduced by $109 million if all states were to increase the population of people who received home-delivered meals by 1 percent.

Fact Check: Budget Director’s Claims That Programs Don’t Work

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As with all things Trump,

As with all things Trump, assertions are made with no regard for reality. These folks consider the truth to be whatever they say it is. The hubris is palpable, and it actually works for them, until it doesn't.

Reality always asserts itself. Defiance of reality always fails. The question is simply how much damage will be done to the rest of us before they go down in flames.

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How much is Donald Trump’s travel and protection costing, anyway

If Melania and Barron never move to Washington and if Trump heads to Mar-a-Lago for four out of every nine weekends, our estimates put the total cost at something like $526 million over the course of Trump’s presidency. Melania Trump is apparently planning to join her husband in Washington at the end of the school year, though, and Trump calls Mar-a-Lago the “winter White House,” implying that he won’t be there in the summer. In which case the overall spending plummets further.

To only, say, $130 million or so. Only enough to fund the homelessness agency until 10-year-old Barron Trump is 42.

How much is Donald Trump’s travel and protection costing, anyway?

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In total, Obama's eight year

In total, Obama's eight year travel bill came to $97 million and unbelievably, Donald Trump is on pace to outspend him in less than one year.

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Trump Proposes Slashing Medical Research This Year

President Donald Trump, who had just proposed slashing the National Institutes of Health's budget for next year by 20 percent, suggested an immediate $1.2 billion cut to the agency Tuesday.

Trump Proposes Slashing Medical Research This Year, Too

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