Sep 14 2020
06:28 pm

Take a drive back in time through Knoxville's historic neighborhoods - Bearden, East and North Knoxville.

Oh, "they're currently developing a South Knoxville tour as well."

Alas, they'll get around to South Knoxville.

R. Neal's picture

Probably best to not venture

Probably best to not venture across the river. Might have to encounter diversity and adversity. SoKnoStan forever!

Rachel's picture

I'd just as soon they leave

I'd just as soon they leave us alone and live in their ignorance.

bizgrrl's picture

Exactly, you're a good South

Exactly, you're a good South Knoxville resident.

AC's picture

This reminds me of a story

This reminds me of a story that came up recently. A friend was re-reading Bruce Chatwin's "In Patagonia," which tells of outlaw Harvey Logan aka Kid Curry escaping from a Knoxville jail back in 1903, I think. According to Chatwin, Logan made his way to South America - he says Patagonia (I think), others say Bolivia - where he joined the legendary outlaw Butch Cassidy. (The official story is that he was killed in Colorado a couple of years after his escape, but this is questioned. Others say he died in South America).

At any rate, my friend contacted Jack Neely for verification of this, and Jack further shared that, as he escaped from the Knoxville jail, he stole the Sheriff's horse and rode it across the Gay Street bridge to "South America," which was what South Knoxville was referred to in those days, due to its wild remoteness from the rest of the city.

R. Neal's picture

Lol. There you go. The tao of

Lol. There you go. The tao of South Knoxville.

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