Nov 14 2017
09:07 am

Fans of Fox News host Sean Hannity were angry because coffee maker company Keurig stopped advertising on his show after he seemed to defend Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore against allegations that Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.

So these patriotic, conservative Hannity groupies were standing up for an accused child molester by destroying an expensive coffee maker they bought with their own money, a coffee maker that, it’s worth noting, many liberals don’t like because it uses small plastic pods that are bad for the environment.

Huh. What a country.

Herb's picture

they are not safe


I don't want mold and fake estrogens in my coffee. And they are very difficult to clean. I returned my after one day of use. Something was off with the taste. It was years later I learned about the mold problems.

Java Joe's picture

The stars have aligned

Aside from all the political and environmental claims, Keurig machines just make bad coffee. Stale pre-ground beans, rapid extraction, and total disregard to the ration of coffee-to-water results in a disgusting cup of brown swamp water.

So if a bunch of people are ditching Keurig machines out of support for pedophiles and political hacks, they're at least getting to the right result, if for all the wrong reasons.

jbr's picture

You Thought the Previous Defenses of Roy Moore Were Bad?

Rachel's picture

I happened to watch ten

I happened to watch ten minutes of Hannity last night (don't ask how). He was begging people not to boycott Keurig because they were victims of the evil liberal media.

WhitesCreek's picture

I'm waiting for R's to start

I'm waiting for R's to start trashing their Jaguars. Jaguar pulled ads too.

Factchecker's picture

I heard today that Volvo USA

I heard today that Volvo USA pulled ads. I'm hoping for conservative Volvo owners to start pushing their cars off bridges. Too bad nobody's found any conservative who owns a Volvo.

I hate Keurig, but it seems pretty self-defeating that these idiots will mostly be replacing their machines or moving on to more responsible ways of drinking coffee.

Knoxgal's picture

I read that Realtors.com

I read that Realtors.com is also pulling their ads. Wonder if Hannity supporters who purchased a house through them will destroy their homes?

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