The E.W. Scripps Co. plans to sell all of its 34 radio stations, including four in Knoxville, as part of a restructuring effort, the company announced Thursday.

Scripps owns Knoxville stations WCYQ (Q100.3), WKHT (Hot 104.5), WNOX (Classic Hits 93.1) and WWST (Star 102.1).

Scripps to sell all its radio stations, including 4 in Knoxville

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So they got out of the

So they got out of the newspaper business, they got out of the cable TV business*, now they're getting out of the radio business, and what they have left is some local TV stations and a few digital apps like that shitty Newsy app (does that mean sort of like news but not?) Very sad for a once great newspaper company.

*Spinning off the HGTV etc. cable TV business that was recently acquired by Discovery.

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Let’s keep an eye on whether Sinclair gets involved


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I'd expect many buyers not one single buyer for the 34 stations

Scripps would do well to find the best fit for each station within a purchaser's network rather than try to offload the whole lot at a bargain price.

If the Scripps decisions methodology company wide can be inferred from the decision made locally with the News Sentinel over the last 10 years, the Scripps isn't long for the world and the televisions stations, assuming their content is already in a digital format, will be sold off within the next 24 months as well. Most third generation businesses, particularly in Knoxville, get sold or they go out of business.

The News Sentinel lost me when JoJo the weather cartoon left the front page.

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