Sep 20 2007
12:12 pm

What was once a pretty good consumer-oriented organization for folks fifty and older is now a corporate shill that has excluded the only presidential candidate advocating single-payer health care from a national debate. Read the ugly details below.


Carole Borges's picture

Send back their postage paid material with this...

"I will not accept your offer because you betrayed us seniors."

That's what I do. AARP is a horrible fraud. They are really an insurance company seeking higher profits.

Terry Troll's picture

Been there done...

I quit 'em when they supported that prescription drug company bill. Wrote them, told them and every time they send me a new recruitment letter I send it back in the pre-paid envelope telling them why. Oh,I realize they don't get it or even know I sent it but it makes me feel better.

Virgil Proudfoot's picture

You know, I cut them some slack on supporting the GOP drug thing

I thought the Republican approach to prescription drugs was pretty awful, but, after some consideration, I cut the AARP some slack on their support of it. At the time, it looked like the Republicans might be the only game in town for some time to come, and maybe this was the best deal to be gotten. Also, I figured that, if the Democrats ever gained control of the Congress again, they might revisit the prescription bill and do away with some of its worst provisions--like banning the federal government from negotiating with pharmaceutical companies on prices. (Still waiting on this one!)

Now this.

By keeping Kucinich out of this debate, the organization is preventing the debate of real reform in the healthcare system. This is unforgivable.

Now I agree: These guys suck eggs.

CBT's picture

The AARP has lobbied for gay

The AARP has lobbied for gay marriage, for more gun control, among other issues. It views itself as a 'brand' which can't be touched and has millions to throw into lobbying efforts.

R. Neal's picture

I always like the AARP and

I always like the AARP and thought of them as being mostly progressive and good advocates for seniors. I even looked forward to joining some day. (I'm not quite ready, despite their constant mailings).

But this is pretty bad.

The whole point of Kucinich running for president every time is not because he or anyone else thinks he will get elected. It's to give issues like this a voice in the conversation and the debates, and to draw attention to issues other Democrats are too politically correct to touch.

By not letting him participate, the AARP is squelching that, and in this case a real debate about a high-priority issue of concern to most seniors.

R. Neal's picture

P.S. If abortion is the

P.S. If abortion is the Republican litmus test for judges and candidates, support for HR676 or at least a fair hearing and debate on it ought to be the Democrat's litmus test for holding public office.

captainkona's picture

Good find, Proudfoot.

AARP just sent my mother some info and now that I know this(being a staunch Kucinich supporter), I absolutely will reject them.

Many thanx!

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open."

Factchecker's picture

The AARP has lobbied for gay

The AARP has lobbied for gay marriage,...

This is wrong on so many levels. It's like Larry Craig saying he "never has been" gay.

FWIW, I think AARP basically endorsed and handed the presidency to Duhbya (except for Florida, which his oligarchy stole). They're not so fond of him anymore, at least, but then again, who is?

don't's picture

Junk Mail:

I despise AARP for past indiscretions.

One thing I used to do was load up their postage paid envelopes with junk mail--their own as well as any other I could get my hands on to make the envelope full to overflowing. I wanted AARP to not only pay postage for overweight but also over-thickness. I removed anything from the "stuffing" that would identify me first. I wouldn't put it past AARP to go from junk mail to hate mail.

It would seem it had an impact because I haven't gotten mail from them in postage paid envelopes for some time.

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