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Minority party senators should have a very good reason to vote against the secretary of transportation - Road funds, you know.

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Yep, everybody knows. Sad.

Yep, everybody knows. Sad. He has ten times the qualifications and intelligence to serve as Transportation Sec or in the Senate as both of the Tn Senators combined. Not to mention he is a decent person with better character.
It is disappointing that we will probably be represented by these two losers for the next generation considering the Republican dominance in our state. It is a shame the Republicans cannot recruit a decent person with character and integrity such as Howard Baker or John McCain. Instead, they support incompetent candidates that praise the lying and corrupt Donald Trump. Now our senators are giving their support to another mentally unstable and incompetent nut and Qanon follower.

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And they're more likely to

And they're more likely to get them from folks they vote against?

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US considers Covid-19 testing requirement for domestic air trave

The Biden administration is considering a rule that would require negative Covid-19 test results for domestic air travel, according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

US considers Covid-19 testing requirement for domestic air travel

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Secretary Pete Buttigieg wants fast trains

High speed rail from Atlanta to Orlando seems like it would be useful

Secretary Pete Buttigieg wants fast trains. He'll have to succeed where Obama couldn't

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