By way of Post Politics, Nashville Public Radio reports that Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby), the House sponsor of Lt. Gov. Ramsey's "guns in trunks" bill, admits that he routinely has a gun in his car while at the state capitol. He also says he has never gotten around to sending in the paperwork for a carry permit and will "probably get in trouble" if he gets caught.

First of all, getting a handgun carry permit involves more than just "sending in the paperwork." Applicants must also complete a Dept. of Safety approved handgun safety course or provide proof of equivalent training.

As to whether Rep. Faison is breaking the law by routinely possessing a firearm in his vehicle without a permit, it depends. State law allows for transporting firearms as long as they are unloaded and the ammunition is stowed separately.

His cavalier attitude, though, and his admission that he could get in trouble if he gets caught suggest that he's breaking the law. Which is apparently OK if you are a Republican. Besides, I believe it's only a misdemeanor, so no big deal, right?

UPDATE: Rep. Faison issues clarification: Faison told The Associated Press on Monday that what he meant to say was that he transports a gun inside his car, which does not require a permit as long as ammunition is stored separately from the firearm.


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