The South Haven Neighborhood Association has a letter to the editor in today's KNS opposing the James White Parkway extension project: Our community still has not recovered from the dissection that was performed when the bulldozers and cement trucks arrived almost two decades ago. While we have adapted to the highway, the scars of dead-end streets, neighbors separated by concrete and dirt and accessibility challenges still plague our neighborhood.


Rogero opposes JWP extension
Burchett opposes JWP extension
Pavlis opposes JWP extension
Ijams opposes JWP extension
Legacy Parks Foundation Opposes JWP Extension
Sandra Clark: $100 million boondoggle
Frank Cagle: Just Stop
TDOT Public hearing on JWP Extension Dec. 6

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so, cross ideological

so, cross ideological opposition to this disaster. That means it is a shoe-in.

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