Aug 27 2012
05:56 am

The Knoxville, Knox County, KUB Geographic Information System has introduced KGIS Maps to replace KGIS KnoxNetWhere October 1, 2012. KGIS Maps is still in beta test mode but definitely usable.

I've only used it a few times. It does seem faster. The old site did provide more Help along the way. For example, when searching for an address on the old site Search Tips are right on the search page, whereas on the new site Search Tips are at the left. A learning curve, I'm sure.

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Definitely faster. The pan

Definitely faster. The pan and zoom tools are a lot easier to use, too.

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I have bookmarked the site.

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Appreciation and Feedback

KnoxViews Audience,

We appreciate your feedback (and "shout-out") about our new website...As with any major technology upgrade, we know that there are still some gaps in functionality that we want to address (such as better printing, legend generation, etc.), but our old KnoxNetWhere has simply reached the end of its life (and is no longer supported).

But please keep the suggestions and feedback coming our way...


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I'm curious as to why the

I'm curious as to why the KGIS map shows Fifth Avenue west of Hall of Fame Drive going to Fifth Avneue east of Hall of Fame Drive. When I drove that route yesterday it is Fifth Avenue west of Hall of Fame Drive to Magnolia Avenue east of Hall of Fame Drive, as is shown on the Google maps.

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Maps out of date

I'm assuming you're referring to the area in this link:

But the simple matter is that the KGIS plainimetric basemap (from which the thick grey lines are derived ) is out of date. (still 2003 vintage)...while this area was last mapped (via photogrammetric means) in 2010, we've only now recieved the final approved version from our vendor, and plan to incorporate that "new" map into KGIS Maps over the next month. You''ll notice that the aerial map is more up to date (2010).

And if you look closely, you might notice that there are also some thin grey lines on the map which are the schematics drawn in by MPC as part of their street naming workflows....MPC does a great job of digitizing in the "centerlines" from subdivision plats, etc. These lines represent the more current flow of the roads, and the street name labels will follow these centerlines. Eventually the underlying basemap will be updated to match with these.

That being said, we may be able to adjust the cartography on our maps to emphasize the MPC lines a little better. Sorry for the long, and belated, answer, but it's kind of hard to explain in a short manner.

Take care, Keith

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Currently the KGIS site won't

Currently the KGIS site won't find some addresses. I searched by University and Glenwood, got no address matches found for both. I search by Circle Lake and get Lake Avenue.

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