Jan 31 2020
07:12 am

So, Senate Republicans acknowledge that Trump tried to extort a foreign power using taxpayer money so he could cheat during the upcoming election, and that's OK.

It's OK because Trump believes that getting himself re-elected is in the "national interest," according to Trump lawyer Dershowitz.

Nobody should be surprised that the Senate will not remove Trump from office. Mitch McConnell told us exactly what would happen. Everybody should be shocked by their reasoning. "Danger, danger, danger" as Trump "lawyer" Sekulow said, ironically.

Senate Republicans have further decided that the presidency is no longer subject to Congressional oversight, and that the president no longer needs to respond to subpoenas or submit to any other restraints.

This is far, far worse than failing to hold a third-rate grifter accountable. Don't be surprised when Trump tries to cancel the November presidential election, in the "national interest."

bizgrrl's picture

The president cannot be

The president cannot be impeached because he got elected?!?!!?

McConnell has been able to keep the Senate Members toeing the line. I just don't get it. How does McConnell do it? It all started with Merrick Garland. The Republican senators are a bunch of stooges, not representing the people. Thanks to Lamar for being a top stooge.

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another way of looking at it

if one strips away cultural mythology about our "august institutions" you could say that the GOP is... very effective at capturing and wielding power.

perhaps someday an opposing force will get serious about doing the same!

if one strips away the rhetoric of "resistance" you may even find that some of those at the wheel of the nominal opposition party already are personally satisfied sharing power with the GOP in the way that they do: from a permanent position of weakness

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He holds the pursestrings.

If I heard right during one of the breaks, since the Citizens United decision there have emerged six major right-wing dark money pacs. They all flow through Mitch. He literally controls which republicans get funds and which ones don't. Follow the money. American oligarchs are proving to be just as evil as the Russians.

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"no longer needs to respond

"no longer needs to respond to subpoenas" - bull. The House could have worked through the courts on those. They were in a hurry go deliver a Merry Impeachmas. Obama regularly ignored subpoenas.

Why does such an airtight, overwhelming case need witnesses 10 minutes out of the gate anyways ? Do you realize how that sounds to people not already signed up in The Resistance ?

You folks were goaded into a 1/2assed, totally partisan impeachment by the media and an absurd amount of emotion.

Do you realize that when they acquit, and they will acquit, that it'll be the first impeachment where Democrats break ranks? Pretty sure that's the case, at least.

Trump is going to have absolutely no need to cancel any elections. I think you know that.

fischbobber's picture

The House is working through the courts.

They are, and have been pursuing, Don McGahns subpoena in the courts for months. Virtually every witness subpoenaed threatened to do the same thing. This is the largest criminal cover-up in American History, and Alexander has lead the way as head criminal.

Even Dershowitz admitted Trump doesn't have a case and invented some bullshit theory that got him laughed out of the senate chamber.

The reason the Senate needed the extra witnesses is because the Republican Party has turned into a bunch of herded lemmings running to the sea , unable to recognize their own criminal behavior.

It was an attempt at an intervention.

There is no double jeopardy clause on impeachment. Trump will get his way and these witnesses will all go through the court system before they are called to testify before the house. This should happen around fall, after the primaries when people have a chance to hold accountable or re-elect their republican senators. This is probably the best thing that could have happened to Renee Hoyos.

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I'm feeling sick wondering

I'm feeling sick wondering what stunt Trump will pull off tomorrow,

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I'm with you.

I'm with you.

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Why wait?

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