Sep 9 2021
08:52 am

Blount Memorial Hospital is bringing in a "mobile morgue, saying it has become "sadly necessary" to ensure there is enough morgue space after seeing 24 deaths due to COVID-19 since the beginning of August."

"People are dying needlessly in this community, and they’re going to continue at alarming rates if we don’t work together to stop this virus," Blount Memorial said Wednesday shortly after it announced the measure. "There are people dying of COVID-19, but we’re still caring for a lot of very sick people in our community who do not have COVID but who experience medical emergencies such as heart attacks, stroke, car accidents and so on."

What the $%@&!

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In speaking to a Blount

In speaking to a Blount County resident the other day the person did not think masks were important. Even though this person was vaccinated they talked about how their child's college student friends didn't care about getting vaccinated and this person was okay with it.

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In speaking to a diffrrent

In speaking to a diffrrent Blount County resident the other day the person had to go to the Blount Memorial Hospital ER the other day and were very happy with the care they received.

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