Nov 6 2020
12:21 pm

US setting records for new coronavirus cases.

Daily new confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. have surged 45% over the past two weeks, to a record 7-day average of 86,352, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Deaths are also on the rise, up 15 percent to an average of 846 deaths every day.

Eight deaths in Knox County in 6 days. Older people beware, it's dangerous out there.

Starting today, Nov. 6, all of Clayton-Bradley Academy’s 320 students will go to virtual learning until Dec. 7, Assistant Director Kendall Terry told The Daily Times.

Maryville High School vs Science Hill football game canceled due to COVID-19.

Be careful out there.

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Informal research by KCS

Informal research by KCS superintendent finds online learning not getting same results as in-school learning.

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Our trendlines have us crossing 150 additional new cases around the end of the month, and 200 new daily cases by February. Local cult members are insisting that won't affect schools and that anyone considering these numbers are living in fear. They are also saying that this will all go away now that the election is over and that it was all a hoax to begin with. And that masks don't help and that they are not running a propaganda campaign and that none of the 111 dead covid victims really died of covid. And that Glenn Jacobs is not the de facto leader of their organized group and that God is on their side and wants more dead people. And they're not getting vaccinated because they're waiting for herd immunity. Moo.

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113 deaths.

113 deaths.

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I hear they’re just pretending to be dead so the hospitals can get more money. I have to go get some heavy duty aluminum foil. I think my hat is letting demo-rays through.

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US tops 125,000 daily coronavirus infections -- a record high

Friday saw at least 125,596 new coronavirus cases -- the highest single day reporting since the pandemic began. It also marked the third straight day the country has surpassed 100,000 daily coronavirus cases.

Besides the new case numbers, by Friday evening there had been at least 1,137 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

US tops 125,000 daily coronavirus infections -- a record high

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Tri-Cities, TN/VA, Ballad

Tri-Cities, TN/VA, Ballad Health needs nurses.

Ballad Health facilities describe the state we are in as a “tragedy”, as its health care workers continue to be spread thin.
Ballad Health officials said community members shouldn’t disregard mask mandates. Health professionals wear masks for an average of 12 hours daily.

“I ask you to really think about that when you don’t want to wear a mask for that 20-minute trip to the store, or when you’re interacting with people who don’t live in your house. It’s really important that you wear a mask,” Smithgall said."

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I don't usually use individual examples from the nightly survey,


They were pogoing at some bar in the old city last night around 11:30. Pogoing. Crammed into this place like sardines, jumping up and down, bouncing off one another, maskless and apparently having a great time. I haven't seen anyone pogoing since the eighties. I'm sure this generation has claimed that dance as their own and renamed it, but I pogoed in my day and I know a pogo when I see one.

I just shook my head and asked myself, "Are you dung ball dropping me in the middle of the field?"

Looked like a great way to turn one covid case into a hundred. Last night, the outliers were the ones observing the curfew.

Just, wow.

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20 out of 21

We have recorded 100 new cases for 20 out of the last 21 days. This is by far the largest 21 day trend since the virus started (in terms of that noteworthy statistic).

We are headed into a week that will not be measuring a major spreader event, there was the open date that will hit this weeks numbers. This week will give us a good indication of where our community spread actually is. This is also the first week that will directly affect our Christmas death numbers and the 2nd or3rd week of Thanksgiving hospitalizations. Lets hope for the best.

If anyone hears of a more accurate forecasting tool than the 10-18 day for active case, 2-4 weeks for hospitalization, and 4-6 weeks for deaths please post it.

Wear a mask and let's hope for the best.

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