Aug 12 2014
01:47 pm

He had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that was closed July 15, 2014. Three weeks before Election Day.

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Well at least now he has a

Well at least now he has a steady job with good pay and benefits.

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Interesting timing. Wonder if student loan debts were included.

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Student loan

debts can almost never be discharged with a bankruptcy. Federal loans, never ever. Private loans, very rarely but there's slightly more leeway with specific types of loans, I think. But, again, still very very rarely. If anyone pulls his bankruptcy filing from PACER, it should have all the details of what he owed and what was and wasn't discharged.

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Student Loan Debt

Cwg, In "rare circumstances" yes, student loan debt can be discharged, under the Undue Hardship Exception.

Regardless of the test used, most courts are reluctant to discharge student loans. However, if you have very low income or your loans are from a for-profit trade school, you may have a better chance.

(emphasis mine)

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Republican party "leaders"

Republican party "leaders" are worried that he's going to embarrass them.

Imagine that.

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I thought topics such as bankruptcy, were no big deal on this site! Oh please tell us that has changed, so we can talk about elected officials who have filed for bankruptcy.

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over 1,000 clients????


What attributes do you possess that make you qualified for this position?

I have represented over a thousand clients before general sessions, juvenile, circuit, chancery and the court of appeals and have conducted a number of both jury and bench trials. As a result of this work I have gained a broad knowledge of the workings of not just chancery court, but all the different courts, which I believe I could bring to the bench.

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It's a little late to vet him

It's a little late to vet him now. He'll be on the bench in three weeks.

It amazes me that no one in federal court noticed the bankruptcy. That must be because no local attorneys seem to know him or know anything about him. I bet no one recognized the name.

This gets more unbelievable with each passing day.

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An anonymous reader sent

An anonymous reader sent copies of the bankruptcy filing. There's nothing much dramatic. Not much income or assets, not much in the way of ongoing expenses, one apparent judgement on a debt, and a moderate amount of retail/credit card type debt that would take several years to pay off at the then current income net of expenses. Discharged last year. Decided against posting the documents, too much personal info.

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Y'all and your general apoplexy over this guy are cracking us up

It is better than Shark Week.

Two months ago all one heard was some Democrat hectoring the rest of us about keeping politics out of the courtroom.

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Politics in judicial

Politics in judicial elections is how this happened. Looks like Republicans have trouble vetting candidates just like Democrats.

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Perhaps the daily paper is

Perhaps the daily paper is waiting to break this story. Too bad it'll be about three weeks too late.

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He's going to become the

He's going to become the poster boy for Red to the Roots.

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He might, if there were an

He might, if there were an actual Tennessee Democratic Party with organization and infrastructure to make him so.

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What the Democratic Party Does Well: Doing Itself In

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Sadly, you're probably right,

Sadly, you're probably right, McNutt.

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Hmmm, interesting turn of

Hmmm, interesting turn of events.

To be clear, is it now, all of a sudden, fair for folks to talk about a candidate's financial or business acumen, the lack of one, or a prior bankruptcy filing? Of course, I've always thought a bankruptcy filing was fair game when someone is asking to be put in a public position of fiscal responsibility, especially, like Pridemore, when that person is actually pointing to prior or existing business success. Just saying. . . .

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Give Brian Robert Hornback credit!

All credit for this goes to Brian Hornback! Judge-elect Eddie Pridemore had a monumental decision to make. With scarce finances, where was he going to invest his money in advertising?
As Mr. Hornback so glowingly appears to have taken credit for a number of times.


or just look at his blog. "More WINNING candidates Advertise HERE"

Yes, he is correct! Look right here!



PO BOX 22743

ADVERTISING 05/19/2014 $300.00

Folks, this man, a candidate that few heard, a David verse Goliath, won!
As recently as last night at the West Knox Republican Club, Mr. Hornback was glowing, beaming, crowing with pride, that the Honorable Elect chose his site as virtually his only advertisement going into the election.

Thanks to the power of Mr. Hornback's blog and the thousands and thousands of visitors* Pridemore pulled the upset and boy are people in the court house going to be upset!

See right smack here...heh...


With Much Apologies, It Happens With So Many Visitors and Tenants
So, if Hornback is correct and I am sure he is! Then this monumental election victory is a direct result of Brian Hornback and heck, I will be so bold as to say this prediction...

*Eddie Pridemore, will be Mr. Hornback's Man of the Year!*
In the eyes of this writer...

I feel a little humbled giving credit where credit is due. However, in this case Mr. Hornback, you are so right! This is your victory, your man, your legacy in the making!

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You are right with half the facts, What you missed is the $400 that Chancellor Fansler's campaign advertised on BrianHornback.Com

In 31 years of political activity, I know how to vet out a leak. The comment about Pridemore advertising only on BrianHornback.Com was ONLY made to PUblisher Steve Hunley and Attormey Sharon Frankenberg, I know Frankenberg as one that doesn't get in the middle of stuff.

So, the commenter may not be Hunley, but clearly the info very likely came from him. Since, I only boasted of it to him. After reading this at the Ftn. City Club, I then publicly said it realizing the leak would be stopped up.

As for Man of the year! we at BrianHornback.com don't award such a distinction however, the paper published by Hunley four years ago! awarded that to Senator Stacey Campfield

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Hard to vet a candidate where nobody wanted to run

None of the Republican attorneys which would have made competent chancellors would even pick up a petition, let alone even talk about running against Fansler, nor any other incumbent sitting judge and therein lies the problem with judicial elections, there is not much substance to what they can talk or campaign about, not much they can say about what they do or what they work on day in and day out, and a newcomer to the legal business discards professional deportment and customs, puts his name on the ballot and gets elected.

Bottom line is attorneys comfortable in their professional surroundings and income levels won't make a move to a judgeship unless they are appointed, its an open seat, or it is handed to them. Those who are not comfortable will take a shot at a contested race and run the , looking to better themselves, their family, their income, or their career.

Democrats did not field candidates in a shocking number of local elections this year, Republicans ran challengers, newcomers, and some inexperienced candidates contesting every race, with some newcomers and inexperienced candidates winning, I'm not sure which is worse, an inexperienced candidate or not fielding one at all, but both parties, including the carcass of what is left of the Knox County Democratic Party need to take a long hard look at what is going on in the local races and either get in the election business or get out of it and let all the candidates run as independents.

BH Man of the Year!'s picture

Putting that college degree to good work?

Did he got his degree in Political Science? Funny, I can't find the information anywhere! This was the article that got Hornback elected.

Time to choose: Who will lead Knox County Schools?
Author: David Keim News-Sentinel staff writer
Date: March 5, 2000
Publication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel Page: H1
Word Count: 407
5th School Board District
Southwest Knox County
Name: Brian Hornback
Age: 33
Seat: Challenger, 5th District (Southwest Knox)
Education: Attended the University of Tennessee

As Mr. Hornback clearly states right smack here... heh...


Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.’s opponent has returned a survey to a pro family organization. In the area of education, he listed University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1998. To most people this would be an indication that he graduated in 1998. Right? Apparently not, this morning the Congressman’s opponent was a guest on a local talk show and when asked about his degree, he admitted that he does not have a degree.

Search for jobs on any job search engine and see how many ask for the minimum of a higher education degree.

Maybe Pridemore and Hornback went to college together and that is why he is so proud of Eddie winning.

Brian Hornback's picture

Thanks Dan

Interesting that the photo bomber aka ETSPJ VP posted this same similar thing earlier this week on another social media site. He has been cyber obsessing over me for a documented year and a half. I always said I attended UT, Zachary just gave UT and a date as if graduated.

I am a blogger for 10 years, haven't been on a ballot for 4 years, haven't been an official in 7, haven't been an elected official in 10. I guess the obsession is my active website.

As for the year and a half of documented obsession, well it is documented and saved. Ask WATE, WBIR and WVLT about the photo bombing, picture taking, back pack wearing, drinking out of glass vases on the Crowne Plaza tables. I am confident that the photogs and reporters from all three stations will sign affidavits concerning the photos I posted on twitter.com/shockand_awe earlier today.

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I wish I could share all the OTR info that's trickling in about this guy.

One thing I can say with some confidence is East Tennessee judges and lawyers in surrounding counties are laughing their asses off at Knox County for electing this buffoon while partisan Republican lawyers who live and work in Knoxville are openly fretting about the high probability of embarrassments to come.

And from Nashville, even though Bill Ailor was a "featured" Red-to-the-Roots superstar, DeVaney and Leatherwood haven't added him to their brag list, much less fast Eddie. Howard Hogan oughtta set up a popocorn stand outside Hidemore's courtroom, at which time he'll be renamed Can't Hidenomore.


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Howard Hogan will be too busy

Howard Hogan will be too busy doing Pridemore's job for him to set up a popcorn stand.

I was talking about this with another lawyer today. We were sitting in court, and he said (talking about lawyers and people in the courthouse), "You know, the thing people around here don't get is that 99% of the voting public doesn't give a fuck what goes on in here. They don't care who the judge is, who the DA is, who the sheriff is. They don't give a shit."

I think that is the most insightful comment on any of this I've heard yet. Up to the last minute of the election, I had friends calling me, asking me who they should vote for for judge. They hadn't read the KNS, they hadn't read the Metro Pulse. They hadn't looked into any of it, even a little bit. They just called up their friend who's supposed to know about this shit and do whatever she says.

I think that's how most people around here make up their mind. They don't try to figure anything out; they either vote a straight party line or they might ask their friend who works o'er yonder what she thinks. That's our democracy.

Hildegard's picture


I think one reason more people don't have any interest in courthouse races is the assumption that anybody with a law degree is as qualified as the next guy. They don't realize how many deeply stupid people are out here practicing law. Law school isn't easy*, and the bar exam is tough. It's really freaking hard. But somehow, people ram their way through by the skin of their teeth, and they retain enough of that knowledge to function in court without ruining too many lives over the course of their careers.

But the judiciary is special. It's a special place meant for people with a higher intellect, a lively grasp of logic, literate senses of fairness, propriety and dignity, and a gift for articulating those values. You're supposed to earn the job, not win it in a goddamn lottery.

*btw, I graduated from UT law school, but I wish people would stop dissing the Nashville School of Law and LMU. I know a good many good lawyers who went to Nashville and LMU, and I know some dipshits who went to UT.

fischbobber's picture

Well said.


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Most people's knowledge about the judiciary comes from what they've seen on TV. Even people who paid attention in high school civics or US government classes are only going to have a general sense of constitutional law and how the Supreme Court relates to congress and the president. Those classes explain next to nothing about local and state government.

This is why judicial positions should not be elected by the general population. It's not just that the person on the street doesn't understand the complexity of the judicial process, it's that most don't understand that it actually is complex, or even why it should or would be complex. That is partly an indictment of public education, but not entirely. Legislators are elected to represent the views of their constituents. That's not really the purpose of a judge, though, is it?

Hildegard's picture

That's a good point

"Legislators are elected to represent the views of their constituents. That's not really the purpose of a judge, though, is it?"

Exactly. Alabama is an example of what happens when the judiciary is open, from the top down, to popular vote. Roy Moore is the Chief Justice. Coming soon: the name Alabama or Luther Strange* in 30% of the US Supreme Court petitions for writ of cert.

Yes, a guy named "Luther Strange" is the attorney general of Alabama. Strange v. _________; _________ v. Strange. Whatever force it is that guides the universe has a sadistic sense of humor.

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