May 20 2009
06:05 pm

It hurts too much to laugh, and I'm too old to cry.
(I believe I'm quoting Adlai Stevenson)
--Mark Harmon


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Harry Tindell

I can't believe Harry Tindell would support this bill after clear direction from commission against it. It is just unbelievable that a bill put forward in such a sneaky way by a UNION COUNTY legislator would get support from Harry Tindell and Ryan Haynes.

Send them an email and let 'em know what you think about this:

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What the hell is wrong with

What the hell is wrong with Harry Tindell?

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I thought Harry was better than this

I have always supported Harry.
I am rethinking that support. this is very disappointing.
Word from Nashville is it's "because of what 'they' did to his daddy.
That one totally befuddles me. Nobody who's not on the state Supreme Court did a damn thing to Bill Tindell (whom I've also supported and liked).
But actually, the faction of which JJ is a member screwed over Bill by ramming Chuckie Bolus down his throat.

So I don't know what in the hell Harry is telling people down there.

I feel pretty confident that Parky Strader got to Ryan Haynes, who's barely potty-trained.

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Word from Nashville is it's

Word from Nashville is it's "because of what 'they' did to his daddy.

Daddy issues. Isn't that part of the reason we're in Iraq?


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Ryan Haynes

I think that Ryan is showing that he is not going to be a flunkie for any senior member of Knox Co. delegation and he is doing what he thinks is best for Knox Co. and is not going to be lied to or scr#### over again after this last episode in Nashville. We need fresh ideas and and not professional politicans representing us in Nasville and representing the will of the people.Remember 78% of the Knox Co. voters shot this bs down in the last election! But Tom and the other progressives want us to forget that and maybe greg mackay will do another illegal recount and another recount and another recount until they get the results that mike and briggs demand; And yet briggs goes into Farragut (and they think the rest of Knox Co. citizens are stupid) and tells them that he did not support the break up of Farragut and thats a da## lie, but dick wouldn't lie! Wake up 5th district dickie has about cooked your goose and you don't see it!

Rachel's picture

Who the heck is Tom?

Who the heck is Tom?

Bbeanster's picture

Who's Dickie? I know who

Who's Dickie?

I know who Harry is.

Man, I'd love to have a shrink analyze this post. Republicans are kurrraaazeeee!

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Tim Burchett

The next thing that will happen is it will fall in Tim Burchett's lap.

After you let Tindell and Haynes know what you think, send Tim a e-mail about this bill. According to Tom Humphrey, Burchett is currently opposed to the bill, so we need to make sure he knows how folks feel about it.

Nobody's picture

You all are missing the

You all are missing the point. The Faulkner proposal still provides oversight... it's just through the legislature and not the County Commission.

This isn't a bad thing considering the demagoguery from certain commissioners trying to make a name for themselves and/or hurt political foes.

It's also odd that the same people complaining about the Commission making appointments are now complaining that they don't have enough power.

Kudos to Faulkner, Haynes, and Tindell for standing up to the powers that be and doing what is right.

Carl  Be Trucking's picture

Tom might be Tom McAdams.

Tom might be Tom McAdams. Don't know who dickie is. Briggs?

A lot of this is from Shelby County. The state legislature may revoke both Charters. Investigations in Shelby and Knox County are more serious than people know. The Fords were just the beginning.

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No, YOU are missing the

No, YOU are missing the point.
We voted overwhelmingly to have a home rule county so we wouldn't have to be at the mercy of the legislature in our local government matters. This is the courthouse crowd clawing to hang on to that they think is their God-given right. Please note that your side is vastly outnumbered, not only here, but in the KNS comment section. And actually, nobody with the guts to sign their name is supporting JJ's boy's bill.
It will die in the Senate.

p.s.: Why is JJ bothering to lie about where the bill came from? Does ANYBODY believe him when he says he didn't tell that fat little deputy to do this? Speaking of which, I thought cops had to pass an annual physical. When's the last time Faulkner and Tramel took one -- JJ, too, come to think of it.

Mr. Nobody's picture

Calling Faulkner fat and

Calling Faulkner fat and mocking Ryan Haynes for barely being potty trained? I thought your side was suppossed to be tolerant?

This bill is about trusting the judgement of those we elect. It's about not taking away resources from law enforcement just so someone who wants to run for Mayor can look good. This seems like stuff you would be for.

I bet you would be for it if more of your types were serving in the fee offices.

We did vote overwhelmingly to be a home rule county but we also voted overwhelmingly to keep our fee offices the way they are. Heck, we even voted overwhelmingly for J.J., Sisk, Ballard, and Witt. So why not trust the prople we elected?

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Real friendly place you have

Real friendly place you have here. One one post too.

Nobody's picture

This won't die in the Senate

This won't die in the Senate becasue Burchett and Woodson are too astute politically to let that happen. You should know that based on your last column. They also are too clever to keep Greg McKay running the elections. Stay tuned on that one.

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Union County wants rid of

Union County wants rid of Chad Faulkner but his sister Stephany Davis writes for one of the papers AND sits on the election commission AND has a husband on county commission. Why hasn't the Shopper pointed out the conflicts of her controlling elections while her husband sits on county commission and her brother "represents" union and campbell counties?

Can the UC Shopper please run a story on what Faulkner's doing with this? It's the very definition of corruption to legislate solely for a political ally/boss. Worse, he's not even serving an ally or boss in his own district. Talk about carpetbagging!

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Come on people the little

Come on people the little Knox County Charter does not supersede the Tennessee Constitution!

Rachel's picture

They must be building

They must be building snowmen down below because on this one the KNS comment section actually agrees with KV.

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(No subject)

I think some here may be missing a general governing philosophy driving the support of this bill, and it doesn't have to do with the local court house crowd.

Governmental bodies that are superior in power or authority (ex.- national to state, state to county/city) to other government bodies have never been in the habit of giving up that power or authority. It's not the way it usually works.

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I'm not 100 percent certain

I'm not 100 percent certain of this right now, but it looks like that other version of the Faulkner bill, the one that was discarded, was aimed at undoing term limits. Nobody should kid themselves – that's at the root of all this and it's what the courthouse gang really wants.
And to whatever 'nobody' who brought up the election commission– that is a separate issue. I've always hated the way the EC is set up. The office that administers elections should not be run by any political party, and I've said that for years. The whole stupid system needs to be scrapped and made nonpartisan.
But it is also true that Mackay has done a better job than anybody I've seen in that office and he seemed to make as many Democrats mad as Republicans.
He knew that his job depended on the Dems holding the House, and now we're faced with an unprecedented situation. Contrary to what the most vocal advocates of riding Mackay out of town on a rail say, every county has not chosen to oust its elections administrator this year.

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House Committee Corners 'Desperate' Knox Charter
Posse of lawmakers threatens to "string up" county governing document

From APB reports. NASHVILLE - A House committee Wednesday cornered the fugitive Knox County Charter and attempted to block it from "assaulting" the Knox County sheriff, register of deeds, county clerk, property assessor or trustee.

A posse of lawmakers led by Knox County Deputy/State Rep. Chad Faulkner, R-Not-From-Around-Here, chased the charter...

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Knox County undoubtedly has

Knox County undoubtedly has the power under home rule to modify its offices and procedures. It's only obligation to the state is to perform the same functions as a normal county government. Who performs those functions is not important. County Commission does not have the power to modify those offices, however, other than by offering charter amendments to county voters. Would Faulkner's legislation preclude Knox County citizens from amending their own charter?

It's fascinating to see who thinks the Charter should be abandoned or the terms of home rule changed after the fact. It's a tell on who has principles and who merely has an endpoint in mind. The concept of limited government is central to our form of government, and just as the federal government should have no powers except those specifically enumerated, the state should have no power over the affairs of a home-rule county. Those supporting this legislation have aligned themselves with the lowest kind of politics, unprincipled self interest.

CL's picture

Why do y'all think school

Why do y'all think school board members are exempt from term limits? In Judge Wade's decision on term limits, he said that they should be included. However, in '91, an education bill was based that stated school board members could succeed themselves. That law is the only reason that school board members are exempt from term limits.

Plus this is what the charter states about the office of sheriff.

Sec. 4.02. Sheriff.
The duties of the Sheriff are vested in and exercised by the Knox County Sheriff, who shall be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Knox County. The duties, qualifications, oath of office, bond requirements, and compensation of the Knox County Sheriff shall be governed by the Constitution and laws of the State of Tennessee and the Knox County Charter. The general duties of Sheriff shall include, but not be limited to, being the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Knox County, maintaining the jails of the County, providing courthouse and courtroom security and providing civil and criminal warrants service as well as those duties traditionally performed by the Sheriff in accordance with common law; provided, however, that nothing in this section shall diminish the duties of the Office of the Sheriff as prescribed by the General Assembly, although additional duties may be given to this office by this Charter or by Ordinance of the County Commission.
(Ref. of 11-7-06)

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Those supporting this

Those supporting this legislation have aligned themselves with the lowest kind of politics, unprincipled self interest.

It runs rampant on both sides of this issue, and on most sides, to varying degrees, of any political issue.

Bbeanster's picture

Those supporting this

Those supporting this legislation have aligned themselves with the lowest kind of politics, unprincipled self interest.
It runs rampant on both sides of this issue, and on most sides, to varying degrees, of any political issue.

Nope, not on this one. It's the courthouse crowd and their supporters versus the rest of us.
They have been looking for a way to preserve their perks and their circle of influence ever since the term limits decision.

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Meanwhile in another part of town...

Courthouse crowd? Ooh, scary talk. Sounds nefarious.

Meanwhile the Northshore 12 have announced a little get together.


Word is there is a postcard going out today from Lynne Fugate talking about a "Nine Counties One Vision" reuinon.

RSVP by May 26th. The meeting is at the Square Room May 28th at 5:30 PM.

Wonder if they would mind the "little people" attending?

The postcard DID NOT contain the words "circle the wagons", but clearly the Metro/KCP gang has its panties in a knot.

Will those of you in the "in crowd" file a report next week on the little Northshore 12 soiree?

The little people would like to know what our benevolent overlords are doing to us. After Charter Amendment 3 it is difficult to understand why anyone would carry Big Jim's water. But somehow, there are still those committed to the cause. Would the correct term be "dead-enders"?

Rachel's picture

I ask again, who, or what

I ask again, who, or what the f*** are the Northshore 12?

And why drag Nine Counties into this? Do you just hate everything? Let's review: Ragsdale, the KNS, Jack McElroy, everything connected to the South Waterfront, Tom McAdams, Toby, apparently now Commission except for maybe Paul Pinkston (how did he vote on this issue, BTW?), Tim Burchett and other Knox County "RINOs", new urbanists, charter amendments, Obama, Farragut's new mayor, Gary Drinnen - what did I leave out? Oh yeah, Jim Haslam. What else?

As far as I can tell, the only thing you like is Tim Hutchison.

Anonymously Nine's picture

Ooh, a little testy...

As far as I can tell, the only thing you like is Tim Hutchison.

As far as you can tell? Trapped in a closed mind?

Rachel's picture

Gee, Mike -

I see you're not contradicting me.

Although I did forget to add that you love to hear yourself whine.

Rachel's picture

Oh yeah, I forgot KCP. And

Oh yeah, I forgot KCP. And convenience voting. And apparently the Knox County Charter itself.

Anonymously Nine's picture

Oh Rach,

And why drag Nine Counties into this?

It was a public service announcement. Not everyone got their invite.

Could you give us an update after the meeting?

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They have been looking for a

They have been looking for a way to preserve their perks and their circle of influence ever since the term limits decision.

I don't disagree with you on this, but I stand by the comment that "unprincipled self interest" runs rampant on both sides.

Perhaps it's the term "unprincipled" we are disagreeing upon, but I don't believe that from the signing of the US Constitution until now that every political issue has not had some promoters of one side or another who didn't have "self interests" at stake.

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runs rampant on both

runs rampant on both sides

You are clearly fond of excusing wrongdoing by pointing to other instances of wrongdoing. Is something only a sin if it's original? Perhaps you have trouble understanding "unprincipled" because you embody the term.

Rachel's picture

You are clearly fond of

You are clearly fond of excusing wrongdoing by pointing to other instances of wrongdoing.

Reminds me of "yeah, we tortured people, against U.S. law and international treaties, but look - Nancy Pelosi might have known about it!"

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He hates me?!?Nope. He

He hates me?!?

Nope. We've turned a corner. He said I did a "bang up job" and that I should be proud. The Ms. even suggested we print it off and hang it on the fridge!

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