Local media (WBIR in this case) is reporting on information coming out of the school system.

WBIR: KCS provides answers after concerned teachers speak out

Common answers:
* Teachers should reference the reopening plan released on July 15 to review safety precautions.
* KCS cannot provide unlimited sick days to staff members. Employees may use existing accrued leave, existing leave policies, FFCRA leave when applicable, sick bank (for employees affected), or disability insurance.

WBIR: Early draft of Knox Co. Schools plan shows late start, temp checks & masks
*The final plan is supposed to be presented to the school board Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. (today?)
* families are only able to register for the virtual leaning plan until July 22 (next Wednesday, in one week) and if they choose that option, they will need to stay with it for the semester.

WBIR: Coalition of educators, parents offers guidance on how Knox County should proceed with fall classes

Haven't been able to find the KCS "reopening plan released on July 15." It does not appear a lot of the Knox County Education Coalition's requests are being met.

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I'm glad I'm not a teacher

It's great how they released those answers referring repeatedly to a plan they haven't released.

The TLDR seems to be "good luck."

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Knox Co. Schools releases

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Some decisions are left up to

Some decisions are left up to each school or teachers.

Will those decisions be known to parents ahead of time?

Will teachers still be expected to provide some supplies?

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Parents won't even know what

Parents won't even know what classes will be offered before the deadline to choose virtual or in person.

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Kingsport TN, city schools

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