Feb 21 2012
11:58 pm

Will be used mostly for reading books & magazines, less often for watching movies. Opinions, please!

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I just wish the Nook/Nook

I just hope the Nook/Nook Tablet are successful. I really like the idea of buying my reading content from a book store. Having said that, I use the Kindle (not Kindle Fire) because of my problems with the Nook (not Nook Tablet) very early on.

I think Barnes & Noble has a much better website for finding books.

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I would get the Kindle

I would get the Kindle Fire.

Amazon has better long term prospects in terms of viability of the company, the device, support, content, etc.

I, too, am rooting for B&N but they are struggling - because of Amazon.

For reading books, either company's e-book reader is better. The "e-ink" is a lot easier on your eyes (less strain and fatigue) and battery life is superior (weeks at a time v. days) and they are less expensive by half.

But the tablets have the advantage of color, multimedia, basic web browsing, email, apps, etc.

You could also hold out for one of the upcoming 7" sub-$300 Android tablets, which will do everything the Amazon & B&N tablets do plus more because they can install apps from the Android Market v. the more limited Amazon and B&N app stores, plus they have cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

But if you don't like tinkering, the basic apps on the Amazon and B&N tablets plus what you can get from their app stores are pretty much all you need with a simpler, easier to use package.

I see B&N has launched a $199 version with less memory (8GB, the same as the Kindle Fire which costs the same). The slight advantage of the B&N here is it has a microSD slot for expandable storage and the Kindle Fire doesn't. Amazon's answer is that all your content is stored in their "cloud" so you don't need a lot of offline storage.

Anyway, for what you want I'd get the Amazon Fire if I were buying one today.

(Disclaimer: I don't own either but have played with a Kindle Fire and liked it even though I didn't expect to.)

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Kindle Fire

After a good bit of research, I bought the Kindle Fire for my wife for Christmas. She loves it.

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If you're just going to be

If you're just going to be reading books/magazines, it makes more sense to get the less expensive Nook or Kindle e-readers without all the bells and whistles. With my Kindle I can download books and magazines. I can't think of any reason to get the Tablet or Fire if you don't plan on using all the other media options.

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I use the Samsung Galaxy 10.1

I use the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet and have 5 different ebook readers, including the Nook and Kindle. I really love it and use it way more than I expected I would. Having said that, the Kindle reader does have the benefit of long battery life.

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You can be sued for copyright

You can be sued for copyright infringement when posting the entire text dude!

But that is one cool tablet.

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iPad 3

I'm holding out for an iPad 3, rumored to be out in March. The downside? It's way more expensive, and unless there's a big surprise, no e-paper.

The upside is that you can get Kindle and Nook apps to run on it, plus iBooks, so you're not locked into one e-book store, and then it also will do a bunch of other stuff, running circles around the Kindle and Nook color tablets.

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I have got some really kewl

I have got some really kewl stuff (apps) on my Android that I visit from time to time because they are really kewl. But I don't really use them. Having a gadget that will do "a bunch of other stuff" has all to frequently affected my purchasing decisions even though I really did not need all the other stuff and eventually, did not use them much if at all.

Buy what you need now. In a few months something new will come out that does all that other stuff (that you don't really use) better, faster, and cheaper.

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Biggest downside to iBooks:

Biggest downside to iBooks: You can't read them on a Kindle.

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Unified Platform

Why not buy an iPad so you can read ePub, .mobi, Kindle, Nook, PDF, and iBooks on one device? You don't need a next-generation iPad to do so, as originals can be had for much less than the newer ones.

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Because the Kindle is a

Because the Kindle is a superior device for reading on a number of scores. eInk, battery life, form factor.

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To Each Their Own...

As an owner of both devices, I seldom use the Kindle because it seems infinitely dissatisfying relative to the iPad.

I give it props for battery life, but I get over 10 hours out of my iPad 2, so I don't really see that as an issue. I agree that the iPad 1 was a bit bulky by today's standards, but the newer device is lighter, sleeker, and quite frankly, the Kindle seems fragile by comparison. The key for me though is multiple platform compatibility. I'd probably use the Kindle more if the other formats were available on it, but they're not.

Now, if you want to argue that pricing is a consideration, I can buy that.

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epaper vs back lit

I like my KOBOs epaper much better than reading on Morgan Ipad II

NOt near as much eye strain for my 50 years old eyes.

I have a laptop for webserfing...I wanna e reader that can support multiple files and have a sd card slot.

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Does anyone have an

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime?

We have looked at some Android tablets online, but not hands on, and came up with ...

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsun Galaxy Tab 10.1

Any comments about any/all of the three above?

Sorry about getting off topic a bit but seems somewhat related.

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I was going to get the

I was going to get the Transformer Prime. It looks like an awesome machine.......Unfortunately its got two major problems: the GPS and wifi are virtually useless.

Evidently there is a design flaw relative to material selection and antennae placement. I've had two friends return theirs claiming wifi was issues fewer than 15 line of sight from a router. A couple trips to Best Buy confirmed those reports with speed tests and checking out wifi signal reception. I've also never gotten one to ever lock in a GPS signal, and Asus has now dropped all mention of GPS as a feature.

Given all that I decided against the Prime. They are releasing a new one sometime this year that addresses the issues by a slight material change on the backing for antennae placement (using a small strip of plastic).

I decided against waiting and bought a tab10.1. Its been wonderful to point, though i'm still learning.

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I was able to use a combo of

I was able to use a combo of the Razr Maxx wifi tethering and the Samsung tab on a recent trip. Worked like a charm and was extremely quick. Don't get too from an outlet though.

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