A Davidson County chancellor ruled that any Tennessee voter who wishes to vote by mail must be allowed to do so for all remaining 2020 elections. We'll see if the ruling survives appeal.

Anyway, WBIR says: "The Court’s order has taken this important decision away from Tennessee’s state and county election experts and unnecessarily risks voter confusion, potential voter fraud, and election disruption."

Since when are TNGOP/Trump propaganda talking points reported as "news" and/or "fact"?

UPDATE: WBIR has edited the article to attribute the remark to AG Herb Slatery.

bizgrrl's picture

Can't believe WBIR added that

Can't believe WBIR added that text to the article. Where's the influence coming from?

bizgrrl's picture

Haha! Just bad reporting.

Haha! Just bad reporting. Copy and paste can get you.

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Thank you for your reporting

WBIR has definitely gone downhill. Sad to see.

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It appears to be a quote from

It appears to be a quote from AG Herb Slatery in a press release. Other reports have it correctly attributed, not stated as fact.


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New development: state tells

New development: state tells election officials not to comply...


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These state white guys just can't take it when a woman tells them what to do. I do hope they charge Hargett for disobeying a judicial order. Tennessee needs to learn it's not all powerful.

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Wish we had a like button.

Wish we had a like button.

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The like button.

It has its pros and cons.

The Duke of Sussex liked one of my posts on the White House page the other day. I thought that was pretty cool.

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Not cooler

than Randy liking mine!

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