Dec 7 2019
09:02 am

If you haven't been following the news even a little bit, the president is facing impeachment. From what I have watched and read they have lots of evidence. But, those that defend the president say it is okay or all lies. How have so many given up on the constitution and the responsibilities of the president? Lamar Alexander is one who should be standing up for our country and the people. We'll see how many U.S. Senators stand up for the constitution and the people. It cannot be right for a president to take actions to his benefit instead of the country.

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not right

If the behavior on the part of this president and his republican cronies and friends of friends, both foreign and domestic, is allowed to continue, we will no longer have a country that we recognize. The only way we can go forward is to rely on our Constitution and system of law and order that has held us together so far.

DJT has to be stopped and his swamp drained, which will mean the exposure of many more politicians and influencers of politicians, and hopefully, their ultimate removal from positions in government.

We can only hope and pray that Pelosi and her team win this fight for the sake of and the future of our country.

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Doris Miller, American hero

Professor Heather Cox Richardson, December 7th entry: (link...)

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We're at a critical turning point.

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politics is about power, the constitution is an old legal document open to interpretation. it is futile to appeal to an illusory civic spirit and expect this enemy to roll over in good faith!

so much lucy holding the ball for charlie brown, although there are plenty of folks making a tidy living acting out the role of charlie or writing weekly op-eds about lucy's lack of civility

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What actions to you

What actions to you recommend, Alex? What are you doing to make a difference? What's your contribution to life?

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people must become political & break down popular mythology

i recommend folks become political and fight for explicitly left / class politics instead of consuming liberal media / civic mythology and expecting partisan voting & SNL / daily show style sneering to do all the work of fighting the right!

there are numerous ways to engage but a great place to start would be to work on friends and relatives who aren’t already committed to seeing sanders win the nomination. join a socialist org., run for local office if you have the skills, fund candidates & organizations if you can.

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What we have developing is a

What we have developing is a partisan impeachment w/ bipartisan opposition.

3 out of 4 of those witnesses the other day have been writing about Trump's imminent impeachment since he rode down the escalator. You guys want to take that further ?

You honestly have to be a stone cold moron to think he is getting removed from office. Either by congress or the voters. Y'all are going to lose the HOR over this nonsense if you waste more valuable political time on it.

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agree to a degree

agree that the impeachment is basically a partisan issue & also don't expect potus to be removed by congress.

i refuse to listen to enemy's advice, though: to go thru the process is the only political move for dems to make (and the only ethical move if you think potus has violated boundaries), not doing it would cause far more damage to dems than doing it.

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Wake up

So, you are okay with the POTUS actively requesting and using foreign influence to decide our elections? Have you studied history at all or do you know why our country was founded? We will NOT be taken over by Putin. I can assure you of that.

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Maybe. But every now and then

Maybe. But every now and then decent people have to do the right thing.

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Of course it's political, but that's not the same as saying it's unwarranted or "nothing to see here folks, move along". There's been a plethora of defenses from Trump and conservatives in general, ranging from "nothing happened", "it's all about Joe Biden and his son", "even if something did happen, it wasn't illegal", "witch hunt", and so forth. You can fill a small book with the list. The goal posts keep moving when something else comes up it would seem. And it may be that "folks have been writing about it for a long time" because it was, well, pretty obvious that Trump has some serious ethics issues and they weren't going away and he would continue them in his presidency. Maybe it would be appropriate for Trump and company to actually defend the details a bit more acutely? Just saying.

Anyway, what impeachment does do is make everyone -- including Trump to some degree, even if he's doing it by pretending it's not happening most of the time -- go on record about the situation. It's a legal tool wrapped up in a political environment, albeit a very partisan one in this era.

If the Senate falls back on "he's one of us", that doesn't mean it was an invalid process or a waste; it just means they chose tribe over country or the legal case. Not impeaching would be a sort of analogy to mob cases, civil rights cases, whatever, that basically boil down to saying "ah, he'll never be convicted, so why bother?" because the tribe rules the jury. That's not justice it seems to me and lots of other folks if you took a poll. While in general the shrug is the conservative view in this case, it's still sort of amazing, when you overlay that mindset on other legal situations....pick one and see if that same comment/view bugs you or not based on what you know about the conduct of the accused.

I mean Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it. I'm beginning to think he really was right -- would that hypothetical situation warrant a "ah, he won't get convicted, so let's ignore it" response among the folks defending or ignoring this conduct?

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pretty spot on! to be clear my *shrug* is at continued futile appeals to the right to demonstrate “patriotism” by abandoning their voters and their leader, as i said in the reply to calloway i believe impeachment is the only ethical and political choice for dems.

maybe i am just tired of the “appeal to hypocrisy” type framing when talking about the right and how they wield power, why waste time “oh-dearing” the enemy when we should be presenting a popular & compelling alternative?

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absolutely, positively tired of the reefer madness / cold-war style "trump russia putin puppet", "moscow mitch" type framing of recent events and all the related iterations of cartoonishly russophobic liberal hysteria. liberals hurl this stuff at conservatives and think they don't look completely foolish.. i don't get it!

certainly prosecutable crimes & ethics violations should be prosecuted & as much political hay as can be made should made of them -- beyond that the mania around this type of stuff really only serves as a placeholder for those unwilling to examine the reasons for their own political failures & lack of ability to offer something better than blood & soil nationalism or bloodless end-of-history neoliberalism

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The entire situation in

The entire situation in Washington has taught me just how frail our democracy is. It depends on people of good will following their oaths of office and being willing to call out what's wrong.
Frankly, I'm in a bit of despair right now.

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Well said. Thank you.

Well said. Thank you.

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What's at stake.

One thing is certain: if Trump isn't removed from office we are all going to die.

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What's at stake,

The future of our democracy, our country, our citizens. But, hey, we know this is all a joke to those who don't care.

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some homework / good listening!

i had to drive up to gatlinburg today and was pleased to hear the host of one of my favorite podcasts featured on NPR’s On The Media: Matthew Sitman of Know Your Enemy, a podcast examining the american conservative movement.

i think this might be a helpful listen for those worried about what the changing nature of american conservatism means for the future. i don’t think this will make anyone feel less worried, but could be helpful in getting a handle on what is going on in the minds of our enemies & explain why i insist that it is futile to make good faith liberal-democratic appeals to those on the post-trump right.

Making Sense of the Illiberal Right (32min audio):

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You could just ask ...

...but could be helpful in getting a handle on what is going on in the minds of our enemies

You could just ask...

What saddens me is the "enemies" thing. I would say "people with whom we disagree." But I'm afraid I'm increasingly in a minority on that score.

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Yeah, calling people we

Yeah, calling people you disagree with the "enemy" is not a winning play.

Alex_Falk's picture

have you looked at who is winning?

what makes you so sure of that?
have you looked at who is winning?
the right knows what politics are and they are doing it and winning.

for example: the right does incrementalism correctly — look at their successful campaign to criminalize abortion. they have a grand vision and moral framework to inspire & despite the apparent absurd nature of their ultimate demands, they take power and execute their plan step by step.

contrast with liberals, who above all fetishize the political process itself instead of making great demands and pushing and fighting. liberals fetishize compromise and “civility” and punish the left for making demands. liberals clutch pearls, lucy holds the ball and grins.

minus all the window dressing, politics is a struggle over the distribution of material resources. up until the point that final compromise between contradictory demands is reached by political process, do not give the enemy an inch and do not wait for them to start acting in good faith because our christian fascist white nationalist enemies never will.

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Ok, then.

Ok, then.

bizgrrl's picture

As was mentioned earlier, why

Why don't you go argue with Instapundit readers for a while.

Alex_Falk's picture

beat ya

ive already given mr reynolds my opinion of him in person. :)

no interest in wasting time trolling the petri dish of nazi race scientists who inhabit glenn’s comments section, liberals are who actually stand in the way of the fight against the right.

Knoxoasis's picture

I'm genuinely curious:

I'm genuinely curious: roughly 61 million people voted for Donald Trump. Do you consider all of them to be "the enemy?" And if so, what would be your plans for them if you or the people you support were to gain power in this country?

Alex_Falk's picture

chill with the tone policing

i have conservative friends and family like everyone else, yall! like the majority of folks, none of them are particularly political actors outside of their media consumption and voting habits.

politics is conflict, in that conflict there are contradictory demands made by opposing forces that are each the enemy of the other.

i wouldn’t get bent out of shape about the language — the right absolutely views the liberal / secular world as the enemy & the right then strategically employs that rhetoric to very good political effect so i see no reason to clutch pearls & bend over backwards to moderate tone.

i think you are actually getting at something which i also view as a major defect of liberalism: the snarky “daily show/SNL” liberal tendency to view conservatives as mass of deplorable “dumb-dumbs”, to sneer at southerners as “ignorant racist rednecks” etc.

thats absolutely not what i am doing when i say the right is the enemy. the political actors are the politicians, the media, thinktanks, pundits, academics, capital interests etc that animate the right and wield power, not ordinary folks.

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Trump received 46% of the

Trump received 46% of the popular vote in 2016. The Nazi Party received a comparable 44 % of the German vote in the 1933 elections. The Nazi and right wing success in the German elections allowed Hitler to gain complete power and make himself dictator and outlaw elections in Germany the remainder of his life. Hitler was responsible for 60 million people being killed. The millions of people that voted for the Nazi Party and supported Hitler, misguided or not, were definitely enemies of democracy and share the blame for allowing him to take power. The nearly 63 million ignorant and/or racist and misguided Trump voters certainly share the blame for the Trump dictatorship.

Our wannabe Hitler would love to repeat the Nazi success of 1933 and outlaw American elections and declare himself dictator. The Congress needs to remove the corrupt and immoral wannabe dictator now. The courts need to throw his ass in prison and let him live in a cage before he dismantles our democracy!

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no interest in wasting time

no interest in wasting time trolling the petri dish of nazi race scientists who inhabit glenn’s comments section

when i say the right is the enemy. the political actors are the politicians, the media, thinktanks, pundits, academics, capital interests etc that animate the right and wield power, not ordinary folks.

See, here's my problem. Unless you believe that the people who inhabit Glenn's comment section are wholly made up of "politicians, the media, thinktanks, pundits, academics, capital interests etc", then it would appear that at least some of the folks who don't hold these positions in society and yet hold views of which you don't approve would fall into your definition of "christian fascist white nationalist enemies." So I continue to wonder what you would do with those people and how you will sort them from the "ordinary folks" with whom you claim to have no beef. Will there be a quiz?

Alex_Falk's picture

a couple points

first, instapundit is a uniquely vile online petri dish of the alt right and i think it is not representative of any sizable group of “regular” folks — but if it pleases you, yes i do believe there are alot of people out there who possess culturally transmitted underlying fascist tendencies

it was suggested i go to instapundit instead of here — “take your trolling elsewhere,” and i totally get that. regardless of how extreme instapundit commenters may or may not be on average, my larger point is that it is liberals whose ideas need to be interrogated before an effective challenge to the right can be made!

second, your hypothetical seems to assume some kind of authoritarian government performing a thoughtcrime purge — i won’t entertain the hypothetical as it seems to have more to do with your fantasy of what i believe than anything to do with the political situation or anything i have talked about so i won’t play your game :)

Knoxoasis's picture

No authoritarian government

No authoritarian government and no thoughtcrime purges. Check. So those who hold "culturally transmitted fascist tendencies" would be allowed to maintain them in a Falk regime?

You'll pardon me I hope for interrogating the interrogator. :-)

Alex_Falk's picture


the idea is that a more equitable and just society would create the preconditions for those tendencies to be left in the past!

Knoxoasis's picture

Gotcha. Has that ever worked

Gotcha. Has that ever worked anywhere?

Alex_Falk's picture

if we are going to just play games, here’s my question

do you think capitalism is the end of history ?

do you agree with margaret thatcher that there is no alternative ?

Knoxoasis's picture

An excellent question that

An excellent question that deserves a better answer than I'll have time to give till tomorrow. Quickly I'd say the answer depends on how one answers a more fundamental question: is there such thing as "human nature?"

Alex_Falk's picture


respectfully, i've heard this before

Knoxoasis's picture

Saves us both time then. The

Saves us both time then. The New Soviet Man will ever be a fantasy.

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I finally had a chance to

I finally had a chance to read the 2 articles of impeachment. Very brief.

Article 1- In 2016, We didn’t defeat Trump.

Article 2- In 2020, We won’t defeat Trump.

And best of all despite saying it 50,000 times over the last few months, the monumentally huge crine of quid pro quo isn't even in the articles.

R. Neal's picture

Article 1: Trump abused the

Article 1: Trump abused the power of his office for personal political gain against the national interest.

Article 2. Trump obstructed Congress in its Constitutional duty of investigation and oversight.

(Just to clarify in case any other folks who only watch Fox News drop by to leave a deposit.)

Mike Daugherty's picture

I know that you are joking

I know that you are joking but the sad thing is there are many people that listen to Fox fiction or to Franklin Graham or Rush Limbaugh and actually believe that despite all of Trump's corruptness he deserves to remain in office. Many elderly folks, or people that are isolated from real factual news accounts, or many that have mental disabilities, etc. hear Fox and are misguided and led astray not realizing they are listening to lies. Let's pray that in the coming days that decent Americans will convince the gutless Republicans in the Senate to do the right thing and convict and remove our criminal President.

Trump is definitely an anti-Christ that appeals to the evilness and racist views of millions and gives white supremacists and other haters encouragement. All Americans should pray that the Trump nightmare will end soon.

Knoxoasis's picture

Meanwhile Trump targets

Meanwhile Trump targets anti-Semitism on college campuses and yesterday the Senate confirmed Trump's appointment of an openly gay person of color to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (40 Dems voted against the gay POC btw.)

Trump is so incompetent he can't even do Hitler right. Impeach!

Btw while I usually just pass over your rants I do have to say that calling Trump the anti-Christ is particularly delicious. Every Republican President in my lifetime has been just like Hitler so I guess you had to go somewhere, but I wonder what's left to call the next Republican President?

bizgrrl's picture

lack of judicial experience

lack of judicial experience, involvement in the Trump administration’s controversial immigration policies, support for Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

San Diego Union-Tribune

Are you in the wrong place? Shouldn't have to explain why Senate Dems vote a certain way.

Do some things the president does make it okay to lie, bribe, abuse his power, obstruct Congress?

Time for you to move along.

Alex_Falk's picture


do you think:
redefining judaism as a "nationality"
helping ossify israel's existence as an apartheid ethnostate
attacking the political speech of those who oppose the policies of that nation-state

are *good* things for jews?
do you think BDS is "anti-semitism"?

trump, favorite president of the likud, has already inspired the deadliest pogrom in US jewish history.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Actually, I did not say Trump

Actually, I did not say Trump was "the anti-Christ" as you state. I said he was an anti-Christ leader. His policies and actions, like many politicians, go against the teachings of Christ.

AC's picture

Out of curiosity, does anyone

Out of curiosity, does anyone happen to know who knoxoasis is? Curious if this person for some reason feels a need to hide their identity while sharing their strongly held convictions?

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