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Who do they think they are?

Who do they think they are? Congressmen?

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Well, doggie .. good for


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Maybe they mistakenly thought

Maybe they mistakenly thought it was a lunch buffet

Two dozen republicans crash a closed-door hearing ...

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Senate hides Trumpcare behind closed doors

Senate hides Trumpcare behind closed doors

Moscow Mitch ...

Some of the complaints are rooted in longtime congressional realities – it's rarely fun being in the minority party, and, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., noted during the tax vote, when lawmakers are losing, they complain about the process

The Congressional Secret Society

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Classy I haven’t seen a list.


I haven’t seen a list. Wonder if any of those distinguished statesmen and women were from Tennessee?

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Green was one of them.

Green was one of them. Burchett was already in the meeting because he's on the committee.

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This is the most relevant

This is the most relevant aspect of the story. There were reich-wingers in the room. Those neanderthals that were actually on the committee were, as they were supposed to be, in the room. Those not in the room most likely had other assigned responsibilities in other places, other committees. They most likely shirked their actual duties so as to pretend that something was being unduly denied them.

OTOH, the Brooks Brothers tactic worked before to circumvent the wishes of the voters and install Bush the Dumber so, I guess the plan is just to "dance wit the one whut brung ya".

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Burchett was in the room?!

Here's the New York Times take:

What do the Republicans who have admitted that damning material has come out but don’t want to go further than that do?

There’s this safe island they’re clinging to. Right now, because they’re all closed depositions, it’s possible to suggest to the public that maybe what Democrats say they’re hearing, what we’re reporting is said, hasn’t actually been said. As long as they can cling to that, they feel like they have a leg to stand on.

(Hear no evil...)

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Brownshirt tactics.

Brownshirt tactics.

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