The House just passed a resolution condemning Trump's withdrawal from Syria. The vote was 354 to 60. Rep. Burchett voted against it. So did DesJarlais and Rose. 129 other Republicans voted for it.

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You can get your bumper

You can get your bumper stickers here.

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I got My Bumper Sticker Here

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I just sent him an email

I just sent him an email asking how he came to his decision on this. We will see what his response it.

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So, you folks support foreign

So, you folks support foreign entanglements now because Trump ?

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Do you plan to spend the rest

Do you plan to spend the rest of your life being a troll and pwning the libtards? Seems a bit shallow.

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No, opposed to US sanctioned

No, opposed to US sanctioned ethnic cleansing. The best way to get out of foreign entanglements is to not get into them. Like Trump is in Saudi Arabia. As Colin Powell said, if you break it you own it.

But normal rational people realize that in real life there are legitimate national interests and security concerns that have to be dealt with from time to time. Which also means working with our NATO allies instead of alienating them and writing Putin blank checks.

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Working with the Syrian

Working with the Syrian offshoot of the PKK has pretty seriously pissed off one of our NATO allies for some time now.

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PKK are generally seen as the good gals and guys rather than turkey -- among leftists, anyway.

liberals and neocons might be more interested in the long game of maintaining american global leadership (empire) in this case, an instance of strange bedfellows for anti-imperial, pro-PKK leftists opposing this specific move by the administration.

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You just started following Middle East politics, right?

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They claim to be

They claim to be Marxist-Leninist in orientation. So they are Alex's co-religionists.

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The one thing that has defined the Kurds, more that any other, other the last fifty years is their fierce devotion to community and self rule. They are not as much committed to a political philosophy as they are committed to self rule. They are a singular ethnic group surrounded by hostile ethnic groups, Assyrians, Ottomans, Persians and Arabs, all who have been at war with the Kurds in recent history. They have been our most loyal and consistent ally in the Middle East for generations, and we are now participating in their genocide.

And Tim's jumped right on that train.

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Now there is reporting that

Now there is reporting that Trump's dictator soulmate Erdogan is using napalm and white phosphorus on the Kurds. Congress needs to speed up the impeachment process or create a committee under the 25th amendment to get the unstable SOB out of office. Trump is not only a danger to U.S. security, he is a danger to our democracy and world stability. It is past time to put our deranged President behind bars!

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Trump is the Pontius Pilate of today's world. Tim Burchett is merely the foot soldier that shoved a spear in Christ on the cross. Neither is conscious of the morality of their actions.

Knoxoasis's picture

I think you missed the point

I think you missed the point of my snark.

fischbobber's picture


Wouldn't surprise me. It's getting harder and harder to weed out humor and bullshi*. I've been following the Kurds since the seventies, and they were quite fair in their treatment of my step-dad. He spoke highly of them. I hate what's happening to them and believe it's a national disgrace.

I'm embarrassed to be represented by Tim Burchett.

Alex_Falk's picture

not sure i follow.

why the condescension?

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Now your mentally ill hero is

Now your mentally ill hero is responsible for the killing of thousands of Kurds, giving the Turkey dictator everything he wanted. destroying any trust our allies still had in the United States, and giving his hero Putin a foothold in the Middle East. You prove Trump's words when he said no matter if he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue his supporters will not abandon him. He is responsible for the death of thousands including children. He has destroyed our relationship with our friends and allies. He is dishonest, immoral, and mentally unstable and you still support him. You and millions of his supporters share the blame for the damage he has done.

Finally, a prominent Republican, former Ohio governor John Kasich has called for Trump's impeachment. Hopefully other Republicans will have the guts to follow Kasich's lead and this will be the beginning of the end for Trump and our nearly three year national nightmare will be over. As for Burchett, he is a huge disappointment and a loser. It is a shame we are not represented by Hoyos, she would make all of us proud by standing up for morality and rejecting the Trump corruption.

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There is so much evidence of

There is so much evidence of Trump's corruption, it is only a matter of time before his impeachment and removal. Those few Republican leaders, Romney, Kasich, etc that come out of denial soon will be the Republican winners and those Republicans that are late in seeing the light will be the losers. The sooner we get rid of this unqualified and corrupt President, the better.

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Huh.Read my full statement

Huh. Would you look at that. From 10/10:

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Watching Tim fall into a waste pit of partisanship has got to be one of the most disheartening things I have ever watched in politics.At one point he was a good man who could be trusted to do the right thing. Now this.

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I think Burchett has just giving up no pretending

Let's get real for a moment. Burchett has always been the center of the game. He has always been the rock star politician. However, he is now married with children, has to spend all day listening to Democrats pushing legislation that will go nowhere, only to go back to his office where he sleeps on the floor. The guy is getting old. At this point I really don't think he gives a F. I really dont. I think he is doing the job so that he can bank enough money to be set for retirement and put his daughter through college, I mean think about it. Tim is the small fish in the aquarium. He can't get any legislation of significance passed. Being a Republcan in the house he is now something he has never been....the undercard

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