May 13 2014
05:19 pm

Holocaust survivor and Knoxville resident Arthur Pais explains how, despite Sen. Campfield's assertion, the Holocaust was nothing like Obamacare:

Siler's statement after the break...

Campaign statement...

Cheri Siler Meets Arthur Pais, Local Holocaust Survivor

KNOXVILLE, 5/13/2014 — Cheri Siler, candidate for District 7, met with Arthur Pais in his home Saturday in response to the letter submitted to Stacey Campfield by Mr. Pais’ daughter, Wendy Pais Baker, last week.

Mrs. Pais Baker was responding to Mr. Campfield’s remark that Obamacare is like the Holocaust. She challenged Mr. Campfield to meet Mr. Pais, one of his constituents.

Cheri Siler offered the following statement and reflection on her meeting with Mr. Pais:

“I was deeply moved by Mrs. Pais Baker’s letter and I knew Mr. Campfield was not going to respond to her challenge to meet with Mr. Pais. Last week, I was the only candidate to speak out publicly against Mr. Campfield because I felt his comments were too egregious to ignore. But there was more I could and should do.

I personally spoke with Mr. Pais to hear his first-hand account of the horrors of the Holocaust as well as learn whether he thinks Mr. Campfield’s analogy is apt.

As the next Senator for District 7, I feel it is important that citizens know they have a representative who is able to understand words carry weight and is willing to take the time to listen. True elected leaders are never too busy to listen to the people they seek to represent.”


Mrs. Pais Baker’s letter to Senator Campfield...

Mary Wilson's picture

Thanks so much, Randy, for allowing Cheri to speak..

First, her interview of Mr. Pais was compelling and remarkable and this community is appreciative for his willingness to tell his story of courage and determination to survive the horrors of the past.

And Cheri will restore dignity, respect, and strength of character to the office of State Senator here in District 7. Her candidacy has been totally ignored in the media, and hers was and is the only REAL and truthful critique of Campfield and his disregard for the reputations and feelings of those whose personal lives he has trashed across this country. And his "apology" was insincere and incomplete to say the least.
This town, County and even our State Capitol have been disrespected...women, mothers, children,patients suffering from AIDS, and even one of the world's great religions have been ridiculed by his cowardly, juvenile and ignorant rants. And thank you, Cheri, for having the courage and integrity to meet this challenge to run for this position. We know you will succeed and that you will be a wonderful leader in Nashville!

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