Jun 22 2020
11:06 pm

You'd think if the Terminator thought it was a smart idea, then Kane would jump right on board.


Mike Knapp's picture

Check that link


fischbobber's picture

Checked it.

It takes you to the NPR story which you have to relink to the California Governors link by hitting a highlighted blue lettering in the story.

If I wasn't a computer illiterate, I could have probably linked directly, but I am, and didn't know how to do it.

I fear the cases in the pipeline will make all this moot. Looks like Kane wins.

I wonder what will happen to football? The poetic justice of a class action suit against Glenn Jacobs for malfeasance and government malpractice asking for restitution for economic losses stemming from the cancellation of football season as a direct result of his incompetence would almost be fair fall entertainment in and of itself.

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