Apr 26 2013
09:28 am

He stopped loving her today.

RIP George Jones.

EARLIER: Last Call For The Possum

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Wow. Sad news. Makes seeing

Wow. Sad news. Makes seeing him a couple of weeks ago seem bittersweet. I'm guessing what would have been his last show at Bridgestone will still go on as a tribute? There was a pretty impressive lineup as I recall.

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My guess is they won't want

My guess is they won't want to wait until Nov. 22. Johnny Cash basically had a state funeral hosted at The Ryman... probably something like that going on soon.

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Probably so.

That would be fitting.

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(No subject)

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I'm so glad I got to see him

I'm so glad I got to see him in concert before he left us on this earth. Making music to the end.

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Possum must have been tough

Possum must have been tough as pig iron, considering.

Who would've thought he'd live long enough to become an octogenarian?

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Real country, not the stuff

Real country, not the stuff of today.

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Just saw somewhere that the

Just saw somewhere that the Knoxville show on April 6 that we attended was his last public performance. Checked his website, and the next scheduled date was Atlanta on the 19th. He was hospitalized in Nashville on the 18th.

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Hope you got a t-shirt.

Hope you got a t-shirt.

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Sorry but I remember the stories of

His drunken abuse, of 'loving her' back in his real hay day, of beating her constantly, so that her health failed and her death was caused from damage to her internal organs. I don't care that they "later made up" and she "forgave him", she died as a direct result of his alcoholic abuse.
Yeah, they made great music together. But the public, his fans and hers, never knew the truth. Their children knew.
RIP, both of you. Especially, you Tammy. You deserve peace at last.

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Tammy divorced George Jones

Tammy divorced George Jones in 1975 and died in 1998 – that'd be a helluva delayed reaction to anything he did to her. I haven't seen anybody say he had one damn thing to do with her death.
He was a drunk, and so was she, maybe to a lesser degree – although she made up for it with her addition to prescription drugs. Perhaps you've confused him with one of her other four husbands.
She and George had one child (not multiple "children"), and that daughter made her peace with her father before his death.
From everything I've ever read, people who knew them both liked George a whole lot better than Tammy, who told notorious whoppers, faked a kidnaping and had a mean, vindictive streak. She also worshipped politicians like George Wallace -- although maybe she just had a soft spot for guys named George.


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My favorite 'George Jones

My favorite 'George Jones song' is still Running Bear from 1959.

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She was also guilty of

She was also guilty of inflicting an almost never-ending whining of that God awful D.I.V.O.R.C.E here in the south for what seemed like several decades.

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