Apr 9 2012
10:52 pm

UPDATE: Predators take 1st round; 4 games of 5. They have handed the Detroit Red Wings 3 consecutive losses, 2 on away ice. Detroit is now the first team eliminated from the 2012 playoffs.

The Stanley Cup playoffs are soon to be in progress. Tennessee's own Nashville Predators are seeded 4th in the Western Conference, drawing the 5th seeded Detroit Red Wings for a best of seven stand which begins on Wednesday at Bridgestone Arena. The first puck drops at 8:05 ET/7:05 CT (television coverage courtesy of CNBC).

By virtue of their 4th place finish, the Predators are guaranteed a home ice advantage through the first round. This is the first time in club history that Nashville has finished ahead of Detroit in the season-ending standings.

Odds are slightly longer on Nashville at this point (+700 to win the Western Conference to Detroit's +600), but this contest looks fairly even. These teams split their season series 3-3-0, with each taking a win from the other while away from home.

The last regular season contest had Nashville winning in a walk, 4-1 at Joe Louis Arena. The Predators also secured a win in their previous meeting at Bridgestone, winning 4-3. Before that, it took a literal last-second bit of heroics for Detroit to emerge with a victory, Nashville having played Detroit to a 1-1 draw until 59:55 into the contest. Detroit took that one 2-1.

(This should be one of the better rivalries in the first round of the playoffs, although if you prefer your sporting hatred in a raw form, be sure to tune in to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins do literal battle with the Philadelphia Flyers.)

EARLIER: I Like It, I Love It...

Y'all didn't come here for the noodlin'....

Brian A.'s picture

Non-Olympic hockey on CNBC?

Non-Olympic hockey on CNBC?

LeftWingCracker's picture

Since the Blackhawks would not play them until the Conference

Finals, I say Go Predators, beat Detroit. I am with them as long as they are not playing the Hawks!

bizgrrl's picture

Everytime I read the name

Everytime I read the name Nashville Predators I think arena football. I cannot seem to relate Predators to hockey.

What the heck is she doing with that fish?

Andy Axel's picture

It's Nashville's

It's Nashville's not-so-tongue-in-cheek response to the Red Wings tradition of throwing octopus on the ice.



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Bump. Nashville advances.

Bump. Nashville advances.

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