Nov 5 2019
08:28 pm
By: R. Neal

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Absentee/Early vote:

Kincannon: 48.76%
Mannis: 51.24%

Update: with 14 precincts reporting, Kincannon has taken a five point lead and Mannis has conceded.

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Congrats to Kincannon! Odd

Congrats to Kincannon!

Odd that Knox County is not reporting more of the vote counts.

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I didn't see that coming

I didn't see that coming

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congrats to amelia parker and the CCM! the people have taken a seat on the council!

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It's over. Kincannon wins.

It's over. Kincannon wins. Parker wins. Lomax was SO close. Now there will be three people of color on Council.

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It appears Knoxville's Good

It appears Knoxville's Good Ol' Boy and Downtown Prayer Meetin' Club died with the Knoxville News Sentinel.

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The News Sentinel delayed

The News Sentinel delayed Sunday's printing so they could get the results of Saturday's game in. Apparently, the election was less important cause there's nary a result in today's hard copy.

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But there was this in

But there was this (part of paid ad) in yesterday's News-Sentinel.


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today's funnies

been really enjoying watching knoxville right-wingers spiraling & moaning about the new "marxist" mayor!

i understand the political value of spreading disingenuous rhetoric about the views of opponents, but i think they've been getting high on their own supply way too long if local GOP politicos can't suss the difference between a liberal and a marxist when talking amongst themselves.

today's funny comes from one of these threads (on burchett lackey andrew davis's public facebook profile) : eddie mannis hilariously crying about not winning even though he "held true to the GOP"

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