Nov 5 2019
09:28 pm
By: R. Neal

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Absentee/Early vote:

Kincannon: 48.76%
Mannis: 51.24%

Update: with 14 precincts reporting, Kincannon has taken a five point lead and Mannis has conceded.

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Congrats to Kincannon! Odd

Congrats to Kincannon!

Odd that Knox County is not reporting more of the vote counts.

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I didn't see that coming

I didn't see that coming

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congrats to amelia parker and the CCM! the people have taken a seat on the council!

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It's over. Kincannon wins.

It's over. Kincannon wins. Parker wins. Lomax was SO close. Now there will be three people of color on Council.

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It appears Knoxville's Good

It appears Knoxville's Good Ol' Boy and Downtown Prayer Meetin' Club died with the Knoxville News Sentinel.

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The News Sentinel delayed

The News Sentinel delayed Sunday's printing so they could get the results of Saturday's game in. Apparently, the election was less important cause there's nary a result in today's hard copy.

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But there was this in

But there was this (part of paid ad) in yesterday's News-Sentinel.


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The election of Knoxville's

The election of Knoxville's mayor is non-partisan on the ballot, but obviously not in reality. Mannis, a Republican, won the primary because the Democratic vote was split between Kincannon and Stair. Mannis won the early vote in the general election because some Independents and moderate Democrats perceived him as moderate and not Trumpish. In a close election the final days of the campaign are very important and many factors could give the a candidate a slight edge.It appears Kncannon won the general election in the final days of the campaign by continuing to embrace Rogero. Mannis lost in the final days of the campaign because of his failed strategy.
In the last days before the election the Mannis campaign appeared to focus on Haslam and other right wing Republicans support rather than focusing on being a moderate businessman that could get things accomplished by working with everybody no matter their political affiliation. In the final days, he alienated Independents and moderate Democratic voters, many who had voted for Stair in the primary. Also, because of his reputation as a good man that had moderate views and had supported John Kasich for President he turned some hard core Republican Trump supporters against him. He had the good sense to recognize how unqualified the buffoon Trump was and decided to vote for the Libertaran Johnson in the general election rather than supporting the Republican Presidential nominee. As Mannis admitted after the election, he felt he did not get the support from Republicans that he deserved.


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Kincannon won

Because she was the better candidate.

Has this occurred to anyone besides me?

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It was a close election and

It was a close election and the better campaigner won. Mannis might well have won if his strategy had been better down the stretch. I live in Corryton but I have many family members that live in the city and they heard good things about Mannis and considered voting for him. His association with Haslam and Burchett did not go across well with them. That, and the fact Republicans like Mannis have a duty to take a stand and speak up and be critical of our corrupt and mentally unstable President made most of them give Kincannon the benefit of the doubt while a few just stayed at home.

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today's funnies

been really enjoying watching knoxville right-wingers spiraling & moaning about the new "marxist" mayor!

i understand the political value of spreading disingenuous rhetoric about the views of opponents, but i think they've been getting high on their own supply way too long if local GOP politicos can't suss the difference between a liberal and a marxist when talking amongst themselves.

today's funny comes from one of these threads (on burchett lackey andrew davis's public facebook profile) : eddie mannis hilariously crying about not winning even though he "held true to the GOP"

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He probably was not Trumpish

He probably was not Trumpish enough for many Tim Burchett type Republicans. Of course, getting Haslam's endorsement in the end might have turned some Independents and moderate Dems that might have voted for him away. After all, he was winning the early vote and lost after Haslam endorsed.
I hope Kincannon will work with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents and do a lot of good for Knoxville. She is a smart lady and at 48, hopefully she can learn from her previous bad judgement and do a good job leading the city. Local government should be non-partisan.

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desire for non-partisan local governance

i suppose you’re glad that “i stayed true to the GOP!” eddie didn’t win, then :)

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What i love is bow.city

What i love is how city elections are "non-partisan.". Can we drop that sham already?

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its almost as if running for office and joining government are inherently political acts/positions

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They used to be nonpartisan

I’ve been voting and supporting candidates in city elections a long time, and for the majority of that time most people genuinely didn’t know or care what party a candidate was affiliated with, if any. When George Wallace and Marshall Stair were elected to City Council no one thought to ask whether they were a Republican or a Democrat. They wanted to know if they were good for the city. Both have served admirably in spite of belonging to different political parties.

It wasn’t until around 2010 that polarization filtered down to the local level and showed up first in the county. It revealed itself in the defeat of two long serving highly qualified Democratic judges in favor of two barely known Republicans with questionable qualifications. They were elected solely because they had an R after their name on the ballot and even leaders of the local Republican Party were surprised and questioned the voters’ judgement. Another casualty of this trend was Finbarr Saunders, who had easily won election to County Commission as a Democrat but lost re-election to a Republican with questionable credentials.

I did a lot of door knocking and phone banking in this last election and there are still many voters who don’t know or care about party affiliation, but obviously, many more do care than used to and they turn out to vote. And Democratic voters outnumber Republican voters.

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Precinct analysis

At Compass, we did a little more breakdown of the votes and precincts, and it's striking how much the mayoral results in particular mirror partisan election breakdowns.

There are 44 city precincts. In 2016, Donald Trump carried 19 of them and Hillary Clinton carried 25. (The precincts have widely varying numbers of registered voters, so winning the most precincts doesn't necessarily equal winning the most votes. But there's a general correlation.)

In the Nov. 5 mayoral race, Eddie Mannis won 16 of 19 Trump precincts, and zero Clinton precincts. Indya Kincannon won all 25 Clinton precincts, plus three Trump precincts.

Mannis did a lot better than Trump in several Democratic precincts, including a few in East Knoxville where he had really staked a lot of his campaign. He got within a point or two of winning a few of them. Kincannon also did better than Clinton in a number of Republican precincts, including the three she won.

But the overall voting patterns -- at least in that race -- look very partisan, no matter how much anyone wants to talk about nonpartisanship. Obviously there were (presumed) Republican candidates for City Council who did better in their races than Mannis did in his, so it also had to do with how well people knew the candidates and also what they thought of their opponents.

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How did the Mannis vote

I understand that these candidates won when all precincts were counted, but how did the Mannis vote compare to the (presumed) Republican City Council candidates in the Trump precincts?

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Pretty close, with some

Pretty close, with some variations. In general, Fugate and Testerman did better in precincts where Mannis also did better. But they also obviously won some that he did not.

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