Dec 10 2012
01:46 pm

Apparently Councilman Nick Della Volpe and Mayor Rogero exchanged some harsh words via email regarding Della Volpe's attempts to get the Fulton High state champ football team included in the Christmas parade on short notice. Betty Bean has the scoop. Oh, my!

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So just to be straight here.......

Are we being asked to believe that Nick Della Volpe ran his mouth with shoe leather in it? Hard to believe. (yuk,yuk,yuk)

For those that don't know him, watch community access television. He is that guy you're asking, "Who IS that guy?" about.

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Seems like it was a

Seems like it was a reasonable request that maybe was not asked reasonably.

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Sums it up

I'd say that probably sums it up.

I still think his defining moment, his day in the sun, was the urban chicken debate.


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A deadline on something like this should have not been that strict. Adding a state champion football team could have been reasonably done. Perhaps by the deadline, the football game had not been played and the team did not know they were going to be the state champs. I don't know the actual schedule, but I do know it could have been allowed easily.

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Fulton Falcons, the Christmas Parade, and a basketball game

A bit of background may be helpful here. The Fulton Band had long been scheduled to march in the Christmas parade. Subsequent to the Falcons’ championship win a number of well- intentioned supporters decided that having team members march in the parade would be an appropriate tribute. A social media campaign ensued on Wednesday with some making calls made to the radio station that sponsors the parade.

The folks at the radio station were understandably at somewhat of a loss to know exactly what was being asked of them and by whom. There was never any doubt that members of the football team could have marched behind a banner along with the band. The band was in the parade. No further request for participation had been made by the school or by officials with the football team. Meanwhile the social media campaign picked up lots of steam around the mistaken notion that the team, band, or both had been denied permission to march. Some folks then concluded that the station had acted inappropriately and directed anger toward the folks at the station.

Calls and emails began pouring into the mayor’s office. As Mayor Rogero became aware of the situation she asked that the Office of Special events find out what was going on and respectfully explore the situation with folks from the radio station. Judith Foltz with Special Events scheduled a meeting with radio station representatives for Thursday morning with the goal of looking for a solution that worked for all.

Meanwhile, early on Thursday the Fulton coach, just becoming aware of the movement, made it clear that there never had been a request from him or from the school for the football team to march in the Christmas parade. In fact he made it clear that they did not want to march because virtually everybody associated with Fulton athletics was planning on attending the Fulton – Austin East basketball game, an incredibly important rivalry heavily attended by supporters of both teams. This game was scheduled for the same night as the parade.

In fact the team and school preferred a celebration in the neighborhood at a later date in the manner that had become somewhat of a tradition – a neighborhood parade on Broadway near the school. With this knowledge, Mayor Rogero quickly made the situation clear to those who had emailed and posted and followed the situation on Facebook. By Thursday at noon the entire misunderstanding had run its course.

In conclusion this is an example of the downside of rapid email and social media communication that created somewhat of an uproar over what turned out to be some false assumptions and conclusions. The lesson for many of us is to take a deep breath and fully explore the underlying situation before taking any further steps. In this case the conclusion that Fulton was being denied the right to march in the parade for any reason turned out to be unfounded.


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Thanks, Bill. I wonder at

Thanks, Bill. I wonder at what point Mr Della Volpe bothered to get this information.

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I see now

with some making calls made to the radio station that sponsors the parade.
Calls and emails began pouring into the mayor’s office.

Those people are easily fired up and pointed in the wrong direction, on a very regular basis. Unfortunate.

Even though we know the story and that everything was done right, the radio followers will never know (or accept) it. Some people just live for being enraged over the latest manufactured affront. But eventually they will quiet down and return to their 5-year hunt for Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.

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Commercial sponsors

I would have enjoyed seeing their team and band because what little I did see of the Christmas parade was a whole lot of commercial enterprises and local organizations (which are representative of the community but not Christmas). Good thing I wasn't looking for the spirit of the season while watching. But I understand it's fun for the kids to see any parade.

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It wouldn't surprise me if

It wouldn't surprise me if Della Volpe lapsed into bully mode to get what he wanted. It also wouldn't surprise me if he failed to realize this. A gentleman wouldn't argue about it if someone suggested that he owed someone an apology, he would offer the apology and go on.

As for believing that an organization should be registered by a deadline in order to be in a parade, it makes basic organizational and logistical sense to me. Perhaps the good councilman has never had to deal with the logistical nightmare of something so large and detailed. And he should defer to the experts.

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Della Volpe consistently misses the point

One has only to attend a City Council meeting, or watch it on the community cable channel, to realize that Della Volpe has trouble getting his information straight on almost every issue. Searching for some kind of metaphor--he's penny-wise and pound foolish.

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non impediti ratione cogitationis

non impediti ratione cogitationis

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In Della Volpe's defense,

In Della Volpe's defense, some of the questions he asks in Council meetings he already knows the answers to. He asks because he thinks the public should know as well. I did the same thing sometimes when I served on MPC.

He kind of overdoes it, tho. :)

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yeah but

his heart is in the correct place

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