An exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation has discovered that those face masks - meant to slow the spread of COVID-19 - were treated with a controversial substance that is registered as a pesticide.

After back and forth communication with the state,
At 2:04 p.m., the [state] spokesperson finally responded: "Thank you for your patience. Please direct your questions to Renfro [the manufacturer]."

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Renfro better have some damn

Renfro better have some damn good lawyers and mega liability insurance. I can see the late nite infomercials now: "If you or a loved one used a mask provided by this company, our lawyers are standing by to help you get compensated. Call 1-800-MASK-TORT."

Also, when will taxpayers get our $8 million back from this no bid contract? Hope Gov. Bill acts fast before the company is driven into bankruptcy by the class action lawsuit.

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Yep...It's True

See pages 3 & 4, here.....(2017 letter).


Turns out that Silvadur is an ingredient in some makes of cat litter. Oh, terrific.

Not to forget that the EPA is being systematically reduced, on top of all this.

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Any news on people getting

Any news on people getting sick from these. I have been wearing one that Knox County Health Department has been handing out

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It doesn't appear to be a

We don't know.

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Knox County halts distribution of state-bought masks

The Knox County Health Department announced Monday it is halting distribution of state-purchased masks after concerns were raised about an anti-microbial solution used to coat the fabric.

Knox County halts distribution of state-bought masks over anti-microbial coating concerns

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Knox County and Hamilton

Knox County and Hamilton County have discontinued distributing state supplied masks due to the concerns with the Silvadur coating, an anti-microbial substance commonly applied to fabrics to reduce odor-causing bacteria. According to this news story, the Hamilton County Health Department "asked the public to refrain from using and distributing these masks until more information is made available."
According to the EPA, Silvadur is approved for use in non-food contact uses such as socks, other apparel, bedding, carpets, brushes, wiping cloths, tents, and more.

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The Metro Nashville Health

The Metro Nashville Health Department announced they’ve cancelled cloth mask giveaways scheduled for Saturday [May 30] until they can get more information from state health officials.

The Shelby County Health Department has stopped distributing the black re-usable face masks provided by the State of Tennessee to the public, according to a release from the department.
The county health department has advised residents to use alternate cloth facial coverings instead of that state-provided masks,

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Renfro Corporation issues

Renfro Corporation issues this statement to provide accurate information on the manufacture of its facemasks for the use of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renfro Corporation face masks utilize DuPont’s SILVADUR™ 930 FLEX Antimicrobial (EPA Reg. No. 464-785). The news article erroneously provided links to a different EPA Registration for SILVADUR TM (EPA Reg. No. 707-313). This inaccuracy has resulted in considerable misinformation being spread to the public.

From the Dupont website,
Used In:
Non-food contact uses in industrial and household woven and non-woven fibers: bedding, apparel, footwear, wall and floor coverings, carpets, draperies, wiping cloths, brushes, filters, insulation, tents, awnings and tarps

Hmmm... Is it safe?

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A man who wore the Covid-19

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