Jun 5 2020
05:55 am

Farragut High School football practice was canceled Tuesday after the school was notified of a COVID-19 case that may have exposed players to the novel coronavirus.

At least five Alabama football players have already tested positive for the coronavirus.

Alabama isn't the first school to have players test positive for COVID-19. Multiple Oklahoma State players tested positive this week, and Iowa State announced its first positive test within the athletic department on Wednesday.
Student-athletes must be screened before arriving on campus within 72 hours of entering facilities and on a daily basis upon resumption of athletics activities. Players who test positive must be immediately isolated and the school will begin contact tracing and following CDC and local health guidelines.

Moon's picture

Football testing

The return of football players to campuses will provide useful data. At P5 schools you will have 100 young, presumably healthy males, from across the country. None (few?) are C19 symptomatic, but the entire population will be tested. It will give us some insight into current infection rates among a population that (from my personal knowledge) has been generally non-compliant with any mitigation efforts.

fischbobber's picture

Good point.

The larger point though, is if D-1 football towns aren't either voluntarily or by mandate wearing masks, can a community like ours, whose current projections play out to 7200 active cases by labor day, realistically ask these young men to risk their health, potential careers, and in some cases their lives to play a game for our amusement.

If we won't do our part as a community, do we have a right to expect a football season?

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