CBS News, tonight:

Clarke has made himself a darling of the political right through his brash social media presence, his staunch support for Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration and his support for patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods. He's one of the most polarizing figures in Wisconsin politics.


Clarke confirmed his hiring to CBS Milwaukee affiliate WDJT, but the Department of Homeland Security sent out a tweet saying, "no announcement with regard to the Office of Public Engagement has been made."

Hmm. If he has been hired, he's off to a rocky start...

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Got a big mouth

And that's working out so famously for the rest of the administration.

It's kind of like buying a return ticket on the Titanic.

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CNN Appearance

Even for a media maven like me, I was pretty shocked as a viewer, the night at the Republican convention last year when Clarke laid into host Don Lemon, who'd basically started off their discussion with, "Hello." Clarke is a grade-A bona fide jerk, no matter how much fruit salad he wants to display on his chest. (My young grandson wears the same amount of fruit salad on his....big deal.)

Clarke thrives on controversy as a money making device for his personal enrichment and ego gratification, pure & simple. He's building a franchise and he'll fit right in, therefore. Guess it beats doing his real job, which he's apparently been neglecting, based on this CBS story.

Clarke's race matters not to me. His hate-mongering tactics certainly do.

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@cmclymer has a thread over on Twitter about this fruit salad, and I tried to link it here but it's beyond my skill at this hour. You can go visit him and scroll down.

Essentially it's flair, most of it meaningless. In a close up you can see a blue lives ribbon pin and a pin that reads "cease fire." One is possibly unauthorized. But up close it really is just a mess.

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Sheriff David Clark

A couple of weeks ago this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about an inmate in Sheriff Clark's county jail who was allowed to die from thirst after being deprived of water for seven days ran (here) . I guess Sheriff Clark may need a new job and where better to find one than in the Trump Administration?

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That guy always seemed pretty

That guy always seemed pretty unstable to me. He should fit right in.

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