Mar 10 2020
05:48 am

With the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 across the nation, is it okay to continue with events that bring together large crowds from a lot of different places?

Many events are being canceled. Many universities are going to online teaching.

Is it fair to the rest of us when events bringing in large groups of people to our area are not canceled? For example, Dollywood is scheduled to open this week. Visitors from all over the East will probably be visiting.

Are we taking the appropriate precautions? Just asking.

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U.S. Health Experts Say Stricter Measures Are Required to Limit

U.S. Health Experts Say Stricter Measures Are Required to Limit Coronavirus’s Spread


If community spread is being detected now, that means it began, unseen, weeks ago. The greatest concern is for older people, particularly those who have underlying conditions like diabetes, heart disease, lung problems and weakened immunity.

“Don’t go to crowded places, think twice before a long plane trip, and for goodness sake don’t go on any cruises,” Dr. Fauci said.

For people who are particularly vulnerable, he said: “Don’t wait for community spread. Now is the time to do social distancing, whether there is spread in your community or not.”

If community spread has already started, as in Seattle, he said, everyone should practice social distancing.

“Everybody is going to be thinking about this, and trying to adapt it to their own circumstances,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University. “‘Maybe I can attend this meeting virtually.’ A family that’s religious will think about being reverent at home rather than attending services with the rest of the congregation. Maybe we don’t go to the movies.”

One goal of mitigation is at least to slow down an epidemic, he said, adding, “If you can stretch things out long enough, you buy more time for the development of the vaccine and the research to be done for treatments.”

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I wonder how well

I wonder how well self-isolation is working.

I want to be able to go to the grocery store, drug store, and doctor's office without being concerned about how many of the surrounding people have put themselves in harms way (flying, cruises, large gatherings, travel to/near infected areas). A young person may not be concerned about getting the coronavirus, but they must be concerned about spreading it.

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Those are the places I'm

Those are the places I'm going; otherwise I'm staying pretty much at home. Except for Jim's upcoming retirement party, which I refuse to miss.

Just do a lot of hand washing.

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Congrats to the hubby. Will

Congrats to the hubby. Will you be traveling with him on his cross country trip?

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Hell, no. I plan to fly out

Hell, no. I plan to fly out to meet him at various points.

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Well, yeah. My thoughts

Well, yeah. My thoughts exactly.

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Three cruise ships with

Three cruise ships with passengers departed Port Canaveral Monday. There are brief interviews with people from North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas.

A Texas man said,
"There's obviously a concern with everything going on but it's one of those things that take the proper precautions, kind of leave it in God's hands,"


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"CDC recommends travelers,

"CDC recommends travelers, particularly those with underlying health issues, defer all cruise ship travel worldwide."


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I suspect

Local businesses and government will probably wait until the disease is firmly entrenched before issuing proactive measures. I've been looking for Kincannon's and Kanes plans for quarantine and have yet to see anything. Mass hysteria and every man for himself seems to be the plan.

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There is this.

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Yeah, the city and county

Yeah, the city and county both are essentially deferring to the Health Department, which is what they're supposed to do. The county Health Dept is in turn taking guidance from the state and CDC. The point isn't to have lots of different separate responses, it's to have consistent and coordinated responses.

UT has set up a helpful portal with latest info: (link...)

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I wonder about the status of

I wonder about the status of the UTK students self-quarantining on campus after returning from overseas. It was initially reported 5 days ago.

Who makes sure those self-quarantining are staying in place?

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Chain of command...

The system would probably work if anyone along the chain of command passed the message that was coming down from the top.

Or, if the people at the top knew what they were doing. Bill Lee had the Tennessee Health Dept. cease giving out coronavirus-19 (number of cases, location of the cases, total deaths, total diagnosed, number tested, the numbers stuff) to the public or press. There was pushback enough to where that policy was reversed by the end of the day. There's not a whole lot there though, nor do I expect there to be. Frankly, it doesn't look like they know what the hell they're doing.

That irritated me.

Tim Burchett announced that CO2 was not our enemy, it was our friend for some goddamn tree initiative. Climate change is a hoax folks. Plant more trees.

That irritated me.

I had a spirited discussion with my son over the wisdom of some out of state adventures with pods of people from all over the world.

That irritated me.

This is the Tennessee portal I found from j.f.m. link. (link...)

That pleased me.

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New UT Coronavirus info

ELI student update:

English Language Institute students self-quarantining

Per an email from Chancellor Plowman this afternoon that hasn't been posted yet to the web (https://utk.edu/coronavirus), the Provost is currently working with faculty and GTAs to prepare to move classes online. And all non-essential travel has now been suspended outside the state of Tennessee (domestic and international).

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Big Ears

Big Ears starts in a little over two weeks. We have tickets and have been really looking forward to it, but I can’t imagine attending. Big crowds, people coming from all over. I know the organizers are monitoring closely, but I think it might be time to cancel. Sorry, Ashley. Must be heartbreaking for you.

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Tell me about it.

They just released the schedule today. I've been looking over it over and over again thinking how much I would love to hear some of these guys and gals and ....

Good grief it's kinda sad.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want Big Ears to be canceled. I want to go. I'm not going to pretend to be some Health saint when theirs still a huge part of me that's still Mr. Oblivious. A few years ago I wold be raring to go not caring about what disastrous plague is out there. Heck, I would expect one of the band leaders to smirk at us in the crowd and say "Thanks for not letting a little virus get you down." And I would cheer at that. Just this morning I was thinking "Well you know Dollywood's gonna open so why not?"

Because the longer I live the more sick people I know. A whole lot of sick people. People with immune disorders that could die if I infect them. Best friends of mine that I will lose forever if I infected them. Heck I work in a call center and you know how many sick people end up working in call centers? All kinds of sick people.

I don't know if Big Ears will be canceled, and hell no I ain't gonna make a plead one way or another, but I know that for personal reasons I most likely won't attend. Not going to be grown up about it though.

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I understand if some people are scared to attend but I am not! Please don't cancel.

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Young people capitalize on

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New Rochelle, NY,

New Rochelle, NY, "coronavirus cases jumped from one to more than 100 in less than 10 days."

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Kentucky’s governor asked

Kentucky’s governor asked churches to cancel services. Some pastors feel singled out.

“It was made harder that churches were singled out and commercial businesses and athletic events were not mentioned,” [Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Al] Mohler said. “The state religion may turn out to be basketball after all.”

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SEC Tournament canceled.

SEC Tournament canceled.

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Knoxville St. Patrick’s Day

Knoxville St. Patrick’s Day Parade canceled.

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