Nov 6 2012
11:17 pm

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Done and dusted.

Done and dusted.

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The people have spoken and I'm thrilled at what they have said!!!

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Can't resist...,


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Chris Wallace is contesting.

Chris Wallace is contesting. The Ham (Rove) is egging him on.

Rachel's picture

And Florida, Nevada,

And Florida, Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia are still out!

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Popular Vote

Obama down 1million. I think I know what the Fox talking point tomorrow will be.

Factchecker's picture

Are there ANY people of color

Are there ANY people of color at the Romney concession rally?!

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Thank you, voters! I guess

Thank you, voters! I guess the people did realize the possibilities with Obama and with Romney.

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Now the Republicans will have

Now the Republicans will have to coalesce in Washington and pledge to do everything just short of treason to keep Obama from winning a third term.

And a happy birthday present to the Reverend Billy Graham. Now he can get his stooges to go restore a bit of the bigotry on his website.

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An old geezer just down the

An old geezer just down the bar at Scotties this morning was crying in his biscuits and gravy and wishing that the rapture would just come on and take him away. I thought it would be a good idea too as I sat there eating my breakfast with a big grin on my face and my Obama - Biden sticker staring him in the face just outside the window. I don't usually back into my parking space. In fact I usually park in the 'VIP area' out back by the dumpster, but today was special.

After he left Mindy said his wife, who has Alzheimer's, was having one of her better days today. Made me wonder what the old man thought of Obamacare.

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Final Electoral College vote count will likely be Obama 332, Romney 206

...which is 61.7% of the electoral vote.


Obama’s victory was the largest for an incumbent president since Reagan in 1984.

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Obama’s victory was the largest for an incumbent president since Reagan in 1984.

Okay, so forgive me my quirky sense of humor...

I thought surely some wingnut over at KNS would take the bait, but no one there counted presidents since 1984 on their fingers, either!

Seriously, let's desist with the grandiose-sounding pronouncements and be content to cite that he's expected to pick up nearly 62% of the electoral vote, when the dust settles, and has won the popular vote, too.

Plenty good enough for me.

Rachel's picture

I think you mean 52%.

I think you mean 52%.

Tamara Shepherd's picture


No, if the final electoral vote comes in at 332 for Obama, that's nearly 62% of the total 538 (61.7%, actually).

Okay, so the electoral vote calcs tend to kinda inflate the margin of victory.

But it's fun saying "62%."

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Oops, sorry. My brain

Oops, sorry. My brain interpreted that as popular vote even tho you clearly said electoral vote.

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