Jan 22 2006
11:45 am

Bob Stepno has an interesting article on local blogging opportunities and group/community blogs. He has some great examples of community blogs that we should study for ideas on making this thing work.

And here's something that for some reason I didn't know about. Johnny Dobbins, who took over the Rocky Top Brigade (which, ahem, was founded by the blogger formerly known as SKB but which Johnny has taken to a new level of functionality that SKB would never have had the time or skills for) has started a new free blog hosting service called KnoxBlogs for residents of East Tennessee. It looks like its based on the multi-user version of Word Press and it's pretty slick. If you want your own blog space (in addition to participating here, of course) it's a very nice alternative to Blogger (and also free!).

So, as Bob Stepno says, if you're in Knoxville there's not much excuse any more for not blogging.


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