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Today's KNS, on the op-ed

Today's KNS, on the op-ed page, cited a quote by Arnold Palmer that seems relevant:

"Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you."

McWherter is the underdog, but I am glad he is making the effort. If we're lucky the citizens of Tennesse will see the light, elect him as governor and we'll have successes as did Arnold Palmer.

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Mike vs. Bill

I totally agree, is ludicrous to assume that the most money will win any election...especially since Knoxville's Mayor has recently endorsed positions pushed on us by Glenn Beck and the TEA PARTY people.
He has not said how he would create jobs BUT he did side with the Arizona Law racists, the Islam haters, and he claims he does NOT support our Health Care Reforms.
He has not made many suggestions about progress for public schools; but he has mentioned he supports charter (private)schools which takes away tax money for OUR children in public schools.
Mike McWherter does have common sense plans to address these problems. And since the dummies in our Legislature are against foreign investments here, are against the second largest world religion, and can't even make themselves vote to extend unemployment and food stamps for US, we need Mike McWherter, not another Republican governor.
Thanks for reminding me why I went to hear Bill Clinton. He endorsed Mike and said that the GOP does NOT want to help Tennesseans! And that is evident!

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