Tennessee panel rejects effort to remove Confederate general's bust from Capitol

CEO of Leadership Knoxville Tammy White, who serves on the commission, said she voted against removing the bust because the panel was not presented complete historical evidence on Forrest.

"Coming here today, I presumed that everyone has done their due diligence and their research of this individual, and some of the research is a little contradictory," she said. "There's information that redeems him as an outstanding member of society, post-war, where he worked in support of the black community."

OK, then.

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Removal of N.B. Forrest Bust and plan to move it

Since Tammy White did not site sources for her 'no' vote, I suggest she read the real history, starting with all versions of the Massacre of Fort Pillow. Also, she did not mention that Forrest EVER spoke against the KKK or resigned his membership.
Or better still, she should visit the park in Memphis where his statue, posed on horseback, has stood for years. It is an insult to all those African Americans whose ancestors were most likely some of the slaves Forrest sold over and and again. Apparently she only did research that backed up her opinion.

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Hey, Tammy – What is the

Hey, Tammy – What is the 'work' NBF did for the black community – making a (as in one) speech? Resigning from the Klan?

That kind of bravery sure cancels out the fortune he made profiteering off slavery – you know, breaking up black families while plying his trade buying and selling human beings, right? Or maybe it was his reputation for having black Union soldiers executed.

Your remarks are just mind-numbing. The library is full of history books. Read one. Or maybe just spend 20 minutes Googling.

I thought you were smarter than this.

Oh, well...

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Forrest's only beef with the Klan

was that he had lost control of it, and he didn't think that they went far enough.

He died an unrepentant Dixie partisan who not once shuddered at the thought of ethnic cleansing, He now occupies a place of honor in our state capitol where he should have dangled from the gallows as a convicted war criminal.

He is no more a hero to this country than Heinrich Himmler is to Germany.

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So Tammy, if Ted Bundy can be

So Tammy, if Ted Bundy can be proved to have spent a month or two volunteering at a women's clinic, would you be ok with a statue honoring him being placed in your neighborhood?

Jack the Ripper? I hear he had some interesting medical insights gleaned from his intimate knowledge of human anatomy. Jeffrey Dahmer? Didn't he make some valuable contributions on the preparation of fresh meat?

Until you can empathize without having experienced the particular tragedy of those with whom you empathize, "leadership" should never be a part of any title or job description you hold. If Forrest is a hero to your family and a demon to mine, there should be no monument in any space that we share. I promise to not put up a statue of the demon sexually having his way with a restrained ram and you promise to not put up one that honors him IN OUR SHARED (OR PUBLIC) SPACE!

I should not have to explain this to alleged adults.

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I don't know Tammy

I don't know Tammy, but it's embarrassing to have her name, the words leadership and Knoxville in the same sentence. I like to think the leaders in Knoxville are more enlightened than this.

"Coming here today, I presumed that everyone has done their due diligence and their research of this individual..."

Obviously, she didn't do hers. If she did, that's even worse.

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And then there's this...

Very interesting. I just read the story about this in the print edition of the KNS. It's almost word for word the same story that was in the Tennessean. It includes the same quotes - except the paragraph about Tammy White is missing.

Now why would you delete the one quote from a Knoxvillian in the Knoxville edition of the story????

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That is very suspicious,

That is very suspicious, indeed.

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I noticed this

I first read the article on the KNS website this morning around 3 am when I woke up and couldn't sleep. When I woke up this morning I was thinking about her statement and reread the article in the print edition. Lo and behold there was no mention of Ms. White and I could no longer find the article on the KNS website. I finally found it in The Tennessean.

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So. Weird.

So the link to the KNS story is still live if you go to it directly:


But nowhere on the site in the recent stories does it show up, and it doesn't show up when you search the site. It's like they intentionally buried it?

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KNS needs to explain this

We don't need another reason for people to turn to Breibart and Alex Jones because they don't trust the mainstream media.

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Steve Dupree, I'm in awe.

Steve Dupree, I'm in awe.

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I'm kinda retired. I can

I'm kinda retired. I can pretty much say what I think. (not like how I used to just always play nice, remember?)

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Asked McElroy about the

Asked McElroy about the missing paragraphs. His reply:

"Can't explain. We didn't write a separate story."

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Well, THAT disappeared w/o a

Well, THAT disappeared w/o a trace.

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Trying to decide which is

Trying to decide which is worse, the remarks or the local media cover up.

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I wonder who had the clout

I wonder who had the clout to have that pulled. I wouldn't think she could do that herself.

I'm also surprised at how little reaction this has generated - both her statements and vote - and the fact that they were pulled from KNS. It's been noted here and on FB and the original article is still available from The Tennessean. But then there are so many things to react to these days.

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Lot of powerful people on

Lot of powerful people on that board. Or to be charitable, maybe it was just a screw-up. Looks weird, tho.

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Bill Lyons spoke out on the Forrest statue

Bill Lyons spoke out on the Forrest statue. He voted to move it at the Tennessee Historical Commission. Looks like he was on the losing side.


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The Lede

I would disagree with the lede in the USA-Today Sentinel, which says

Knoxville’s Bill Lyons ended up on the wrong side of a vote by the Tennessee Historical Commission last week when the commission decided not to take up a vote on removing the controversial statue of a Civil War general from a Memphis park.

Although Lyons’ side of the vote didn’t prevail, I would argue that he was very much on the right side of the vote. The USA-Today Sentinel’s next sentence did clarify just exactly which way Dr. Lyons voted, which is good, but if they’re going to say which side of that particular vote is “the wrong side,” that should be the side that voted to leave the the statue in the park.

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This is the Forrest statute

This is the Forrest statute in Memphis. Tammy White was involved in the vote about the Forrest bust in the state capital.

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Gosh. I thought the thread

Gosh. I thought the thread was about Tammy from Leadership Knox being a Nathan Bedford Forrest fan. I just pointed out that Bill from the City obviously is not a fan. He voted to move the statue. If being a fan is bad and worth discussing, possibly not being a fan is good and also might be worth noting.

This is the Forrest statute in Memphis. Tammy White was involved in the vote about the Forrest bust in the state capital.

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I was just trying to explain

I was just trying to explain that it was two different Forrest statues. I didn't mean to offend you.

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