We are getting word that Diane Jordan, who is already a county employee, will seek appointment to the Knoxville City Council seat being vacated by Mark Brown.

Jordan, who was once quoted as saying "County commission isn't a job, it's a lifestyle," was the lead plaintiff in Jordan v. Knox Co. et al which sought to overturn the Knox County charter's term limits so she could remain on County Commission.

When that didn't work, Jordan got her son appointed to replace her despite some undisclosed details about his past history. He was later ousted when another court ruling invalidated all of the Black Wednesday appointments because of alleged back room dealings in violation of state sunshine laws.

There's no word yet on a announcement dinner event for Jordan, or if lobster will be on the menu.

But seriously, our sources note that City Council has avoided the scandals that have plagued County Commission and Knox County government, and some folks would like to keep it that way.

Rachel's picture

Here's an easy prediction -

Here's an easy prediction - no way in hell is Diane Jordan getting that appt.

Rachel's picture

Who do I call? Link...

Who do I call?


 TheLurker's picture

“Diane Jordan to seek City

“Diane Jordan to seek City Council appointment”

That is the craziest thing I have ever heard that metulj didn’t say.

Gregg Lonas's picture

I would like to see Cortney

I would like to see Cortney Piper seek this position.

Rachel's picture

I don't think Cortney Piper

I don't think Cortney Piper lives in the 6th district.

Gregg Lonas's picture

she lives in the 2nd county

she lives in the 2nd county district. Too Bad!

Rachel's picture

It doesn't matter which

It doesn't matter which county district she lives in. It does, howver, matter which city district she lives in. I think it's probably the 4th, but I'm not sure exactly where she lives.

Gregg Lonas's picture

Your right my wife just told

Your right my wife just told me I was stupid.
I hope someone can be found in the 4th.

Ragsdale2010's picture

This is what is the matter with local gub'mint

In my opinion, same old hanging on crowd just hanging on for a free ride, perks, benefits, heff inshorance, God knows what else under the table, and we wonder why we can't get businesses to expand or relocate their production facilities to Knoxville and Knox County when you got folks like Diane Jordan clammoring for a job.

What self respecting business owner would want to place a business in a hayseed, back water, rube invested community like Knocksville run like that.

katie allison granju's picture

Times have changed in

Times have changed in Knoxville. Times are in the process of changing in Knox County. Some folks who enjoyed The Way Things Were haven't yet figured out that things are different now.

We're beginning to enjoy fresh voices, fresh ideas, and an ambitious, progressive vision for what this community can be. Ms. Jordan, while likely a lovely person as an individual, as a politician, she represents what this community used to be, not what we aspire to be (and are becoming).

It's really interesting to me to see how little certain local pols have yet grasped that times truly have changed in how politics work here. We have smart, capable, creative people like Indya Kincannon and Rob Frost and Bill Lyons setting the agenda now. Times have changed. Cas Walker is gone. So are Scott Moore and Diane Jordan.


Nobody's picture

Diane and her hats

The last thing the city council needs are those huge hats that she wears. And then there is the fact that she is still a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), along with a few other members, that need to be removed because they are not county commissioners.
This is just more of the same old, crap politics in this town.

edens's picture

Good luck with that, Metulj.

Good luck with that, Metulj. The yuppie spillover into the sixth district isn't where the power's at, even if the old A-E political mafia isn't all that it used to be (Renee Kesler may prove to have been a turning point, although that somewhat depends on what happens with Mark's seat)

The required redistricting after the 2010 census may get complicated, too. For years, the sixth has had to expand in order to maintain a majority African-American district (it's actually barely above 50%. Ironically, black flight has been behind the need to expand, as the district continues to shed population overall. It'll be interesting to see what the influx of whites into places like Parkridge and downtown does to the calculus.

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Jordan Withdraws

According to a News-Sentinel story, Diane Jordan has decided not to seek the appointment, choosing instead to run for the seat in the election.

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Diane has helped lots of Republicans and has friends in East Knox. I would not rule out her winning if she chooses to run. But I hate how people like her and Shouse etc. will switch from Council to Commission and vice versa. It violates the spirit of term limits.

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Diane might indeed carry the

Diane might indeed carry the 6th district in the primary. But then she has to run citywide, and ain't nobody so deeply associated with all the Commission hanky-panky gonna win citywide.

edens's picture

Good point, Rachel.

Good point, Rachel. Curiously, although Mark Brown bucked the trend, the 6th has a history of seeing the top vote-getter in the primary lose city-wide.

It'd be interesting to see how that track record compares to other seats.

Rachel's picture

Bedford Chapman beat Steve

Bedford Chapman beat Steve Hall in the primary, and then Ellen Adcock beat him the second time he ran.

Rob Frost won in the primary the first time, but then didn't carry his district during the citywide race. (I THINK that's right).

Weird things happen in this peculiar setup we've got.

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