Nov 2 2012
02:02 pm

WATE reports, waiting for verdict to be read...

UPDATE: Hillary Lake, WBIR: Guilty on five counts, not guilty on one.

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The Feds should keep going; (link...)

Maybe with jail time looming, leverage can be used to get answers to some of Ms. Granju's questions.

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I can't say "good," exactly, but I certainly understand that this verdict had to be.

I was sitting alone in my office the evening I first read these accusations against him and I gasped out loud. I read frantically, with tears welling up in my eyes. I didn't even know him particularly well, but he was still on my mind the next morning.

I think it was that next morning that Georgiana’s column ran on the same subject and her tone was also pained, I thought.

He was once an admirable man who accomplished admirable things, but he destroyed his life with alcohol and drugs.

Yes, I understand the legal chaos and the myriad consequences to other people resulting from his actions, but I have great difficulty ignoring the human tragedy of his story.

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I understand the legal chaos

I understand the legal chaos and the myriad consequences to other people resulting from his actions,..

Between the redacted TBI file and Ms. Granju's unanswered questions, I'm not sure anyone understands.

"Half this courthouse knew," said Channon Christian's father, Gary. "Some made suggestions. Nobody did anything."


I take Christian at his word. And that Blackwood could have gone all "Jerry Springer" about the merits of this trial, means at least some of the circumstances are Springer-esk.

"Good" because one of the spiders in this mess is now in the federal governments web. I hope they use him to draw in others that have played fast and loose with our judicial system.

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Why reinvent the wheel?

Reporter's notebook: Disgraced judge's counsel borrows from infamous presidential contender's lawyer

"Both the beginning and the end of defense attorney Donald A. Bosch's impassioned speech to jurors in U.S. District Court were, except the occasional changed wording, a carbon copy of those offered up by the defender for John Edwards, a former presidential candidate, in his May campaign finance fraud trial, a comparison shows."

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