Mar 13 2007
10:56 pm
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

Knoxville, Tenn. -- Knoxville peace and anti-war activists will participate in a national action on Saturday, March 17, marking the fourth anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq and protesting the continuing war and occupation. Events will begin locally with a rally at West Hills Park on N. Winston Road (behind the YMCA) at 12 noon and culminate in a public demonstration at Kingston Pike and Morrell Road near West Town Mall from 2 pm to 4 pm.

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The Knoxville Area Coalition for Compassion Justice and Peace, the University of Tennessee Progressive Student Alliance, the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, People for Peace, Knoxnet and the East Tennessee Progressive Network are among the groups planning and sponsoring the action.

As of this date, over 3185 Americans have died in the Iraq War. Nearly 24,000 have been wounded. By some estimates, the war has caused the deaths of 650,000 Iraqi men, women and children. It is costing $5.8 billion per month, a total of over $400 billion so far.

In his recent comments on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman John Duncan (R., Tenn.) voiced a broad criticism of the war, stating that "it is time to bring our troops home." Linking the war to imperiled domestic programs, Duncan said, "There is no way we can keep all of our promises to our own people on Social Security, veterans' benefits, and many other things in the years ahead if we keep trying to run the whole world."

Participants in the local action are urged to bring flowers in honor of the war dead on all sides of this contentious and costly conflict.

Contacts: Jerry Bone 971-1583 or Bob Grimac 546-5643

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A wonderful opportunity ....

A wonderful opportunity ....

To point and laugh. I understand they will be bringing out the puppets too! Oh joy!

Disingenuous much?

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armed to the teeth

Be sure to bring a nose full of boogers, because we know you lack the brains or courage to face the facts and think for yourself. Also, don't forget the upside-down sign you hang around your neck that reads "Flick, don't eat."

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Thank you for the warning. I'll know to avoid that area on the 17th.

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photos welcome


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