Nov 30 2017
06:24 am

According to The Birmingham News, Roy Moore (R) has 47 percent support to Doug Jones' (D) 42 percent. Another 7 percent said they were undecided while 4 percent said they planned to cast a write-in vote.

Another article in The Birmingham News says,

"This is what will happen to every Republican when Roy Moore is a senator". One thing is certain: If elected to the the Senate, this is not a man who will disappear until this next election. He will use that new platform to preach his message every opportunity he gets. And cable TV news shows will be more than eager to give it to him, because every time he blathers something hateful or embarrassing, they'll then get to weaponize that and use it against other Republicans running for other offices.

If Roy Moore is Alabama's ambassador to the world and his politics become Alabama's brand, we won't be able to recruit the kinds of investment and business that Alabama needs to grow and prosper. It's simple as that.

This is a man who has said that homosexuality should be a crime.

This is a man who has said that the state should use "the power of the sword" to keep gay parents from raising children.

This is a man who has said that Islam is not a religion and that the First Amendment does not apply to any religion but his brand of Christianity.

This is a man who has argued that a duly elected congressman should not be allowed to take office because he is a Muslim.

This is a man who's used his nonprofit to put money in his own pocket.

This is a man who said he is more akin than he might have known to Vladimir Putin.

And the list goes on, and gets longer with each passing day


Please, Alabmians don't vote for Roy Moore. Don't do a write in vote. Save your state and vote for Doug Jones. It won't hurt. Show the world that Roy Moore is not a representative of your state.

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These are the women who could elect Roy Moore

If Republican Roy Moore wins next week's Senate special election in Alabama, it will be largely because of his support among women.

the Trump era instead is widening the divide between the political preferences of white-collar and blue-collar white women.

These are the women who could elect Roy Moore

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Yard signs

Driving around Birmingham I did not see a single yard sign for Moore. A hundred + for Jones.

Up on lookout mountain in the vicinity of Mentone and Desoto Falls I saw one Moore sign vs 13 Jones signs.

Of course who would want to admit to their neighbors that they were supporting Moore?

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Today is the day. A relative

Today is the day. A relative who spends a lot of time in Alabama says, with low spirits, Moore will probably win.

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