Sep 7 2020
10:24 am
By: R. Neal

There's a clear and present danger in the White House. Vote early. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. This is it. Our last stand.

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Exactly! Thinking of voting


Thinking of voting in person. Sort of afraid what might happen with mail-in voting.

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Yes. Vote early. In person.

Yes. Vote early. In person. Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Wash your hands.

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Don't wait until election day and don't vote by mail. Just go to an early voting site soon after they open. Wear mask, wash hands, keep distance.

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Don't take any chances. Trump & his cronies may wrangle a way to commandeer the USPS. Here's a quote from CNN in 2017 -

"Trump had no political experience when he ran for president. But with a campaign that repeatedly shattered convention, he went on to win the Republican nomination and pull off a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton in 2016."


It's hard to believe that this innocent looking 4 year old boy -

would grow up to be the archenemy of fine, upstanding, responsible, caring American citizens!

The three rules of self-responsibility & civic duty:


DO IT - - - or else!

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