Jan 8 2019
11:49 pm

A new resort, "Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow," is slated to open in South Knoxville in 2020.

The new 40-acre resort will feature more than 150 period homes and treehouses, a restaurant, a 500-person event center and a 1,000-seat outdoor amphitheater.

$40 million resort coming to South Knoxville in 2020

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bless his heart

there is... alot to unpack here, folks.

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If the project includes underground hobbit style houses, I am all in.

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Forest Gully Farms

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Looks fabulous to me. I have often thought that underground housing is the future since weather patterns are becoming more unstable. Back to the shire!

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Forest Gully Farms website

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Good grief! The rich should leave the rest of us alone!

The idea of thousands of cars and people getting to this thing on Sevierville Pike, a very narrow and curvy two lane, is absurd. It was hard enough to kill the James White Parkway, which would have blasted through this area. Now this. Being rich and well-connected and bored is obviously dangerous.

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can't make this stuff up

this story is manna from heaven for my sense of humor. i can not wait to watch this disaster unfold. i love that he basically just straight-up admits to knoxnews that he wrote the "book" as part of a scheme to evade trademark challenges (presumably from the tolkien estate):

Boyd’s website, ancientlorevillage.com, has character depictions along with sketches of the different kinds of dwellings. There are bobbins, dwarfs, fairies, gremlins, ground elves, leprechauns, orcs, tree elves and yetis.

“I wrote a book with a whole line of creatures in ancient lore times, ones we’ve heard of that can’t be trademarked,” he said. “Then I take those people and put them in certain settings where they come down and live in certain houses (on the property) … this will be a village.

“It’ll be a city in and of itself of ancient lore people,” he said. The book will be available for free to the first 1,000 visitors at (link...).

for anyone who hasn't, visit the website and download the book PDF. then, marvel at the Good Brains of our Aristocracy. imagine being one of the numerous contractors and service providers already taking a paycheck from Mr. Boyd for this project and trying to keep a straight face.

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Is this from the

Is this from the Onion?

Srsly, traffic around that thing will be a bitch.

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Article says he's looking for

Article says he's looking for investors, so probably no worries about traffic in the foreseeable future or ever.

I admire his gumption and sense of whimsy, though.

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i've seen kookier projects manifest

i am also very skeptical about the chances of this becoming a reality or affecting chapman traffic. on the other hand, growing up in wears valley i have witnessed capital flow into all kinds of absurd projects, successful or otherwise!

i don't know how this evidence might affect a hypothetical courtroom battle with the tolkien estate, but am again surprised at this even-more naked admission in a second knoxnews article:

Due to trademark restrictions, Boyd is unable to name anything on his property after characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s popular Lord of the Rings novels-turned-blockbuster-movies. So, there are no hobbit houses. This is not a hobbit village.

To combat this, Boyd created his own world in his own book, “The Bobbins – Outcast to the Inner Earth.” He said the response has been great enough that he will likely have the book translated to Spanish and French.

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Also in today's article, a

Also in today's article, a woman says she is planning a wedding there because her boyfriend is a big fan of Lord of the Rings. No brand confusion there at all.

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Want This Job?

How'd you like to be the receptionist at the front office, all day? "Hello, Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow...this is Alex, how may I help...excuse me, can you please hold? Hello, Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow...this is Alex, how may I help you?" One day of that and I'd be ready for my own underground bunker.

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Look Up In The Sky!

This place is already listed on Google Maps. So, how are they going to hide the "ancient legend" radio tower at the intersection of Sevierville and Nixon? Put a treehouse in it?

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We can make fun, but

people with a lot of money and clout can do harm that outlasts their dreams even if they are not realized. Planning Commissions and zoning exist to function in these kinds of situations, except for the money and clout part.

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This will be fun!

This is such a fun idea! But how sad it is that so many people "can't wait" to see this man fail. Let's support our fellow humans. Regardless if you like the idea or not or if you think it will fail or succeed, wanting to see someone fail is unkind.
I, for one, hope this will be wildly successful and can't wait to experience it!

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Fun ideas are not always good

Fun ideas are not always good ideas. Location? Zoning? Traffic?

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There is a huge difference

There is a huge difference between not wanting something to happen because it is a bad idea and wanting something in place to fail.

Right now, before a single tourist has turned in front of a local is a perfect time to examine the merits and pratfalls of the idea and determine whether or not it is likely to be good for the greater community. Not every idea that makes money for the investors is good for the greater community. Try looking at the proposed project from that perspective.

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If the promoters are able to secure a connection to Green road (home Depot entrance) they will have a well engineered intersection with Chapman highway. I'm not sure the capacity of this place is greater than Wal-Mart on a Friday night.

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Ancient Lore Village resort names CEO

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