Dec 4 2008
09:05 am

Facing unprecedented budget cuts, the University of Tennessee has decided to eliminate all academic programs and concentrate on sports and student housing.

"These are our only real moneymakers," said U.T. President John Petersen. "The free market has spoken, so we will focus on our core competencies and outsource the rest to Phoenix Online University and the ITT Technical Institute," said Petersen.

Gov. Bredesen applauded the decision, saying that Petersen's "brilliant plan" is "exactly the type of innovative thinking we need to lead our state out of this budget quagmire and into the future."

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Gov. Phil Bredesen said UT

Gov. Phil Bredesen said UT can expect its budget next year to fall at least 10 percent from this year’s initial budget because of declining tax revenue, which translates to about $48 million, and perhaps up to 15 percent, or $72 million. The $17 million in reductions or savings already made in this year’s budget would be part of those figures, though some of this year’s cuts involved “one-time” money and cannot be repeated next year, said UT Chief Financial Officer Gary Rogers.

Remember: TN's taxation system is state of the art and lets people decide what to do with their money!

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

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Yes, as Bill Hobbs would

Yes, as Bill Hobbs would say, people can give themselves a tax cut by just not spending money!

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Same logic yields the

Same logic yields the following result: Lose your job, and you get a tax cut! Fall into poverty, and you get a tax cut! Plus, you get all the lucky ducky benefits of government programs!


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

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Brilliant. Joking, of course. ITT could sure use the money. It only costs about a quarter of a million dollars to fully finance a 2-year degree (no joke), so the influx of new students would certainly be a boon o_0

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Phoenix online

State of TN does not allow U. of Phoenix online to operate in TN....ahhh too bad huh ?

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Considering it is a complete

Considering it is a complete sham and nothing but a way to transfer college loan money to shareholders, TN is rather progressive in that regard.

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

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that was.

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Petterson to be replaced

Petterson to be replaced by:


not to mention MANY others, who promise to break, regularly for his outfit changes, during meetings.
Said person also promises to take phone calls from alternate personalities during said meetings to argue with itself.

The local buttjerk also promises to spend "way too much time" on the KNS.

When asked for a qualification, he said,"I look like Mike Hamilton with a goatee! Just less hair..."

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