Feb 7 2006
10:03 pm
Great game. Rupp Arena was Pearl territory tonight. Or more accurately, Lofton land.
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The Daily News college

The Daily News college b-ball writer loves UT this year and has them predicted as the 3 seed in the East. Bruce Pearl is doing a great job, but I will say this: He shoots his wad this year and doesn't produce in 2006-7, dem Vols fans will be screaming bloody murder. Fickle. Fickle. Fickle.
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This IS getting a little scarey.  BP is setting the bar waaaaayyy too high.  I suppose there is nothing to do but go all Zen and just live in, and enjoy, the moment.  Still, it's hard not to hope ...




It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

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The N-S gave a run down of

The N-S gave a run down of the past recent coaches of the Vols. Every single year, the new coach took them to the NCAA. And then almost without exception, it was all down hill from there. Hopefully BP has the staying power.Laughing
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Buzz Peterson never took a team to the NCAA's.  Kevin O'Neill's first team certainly didn't make it.  Better double-check that report you read.

Bruce Pearl's stock is soaring, and while some letdown is inevitable, I think he knows how to manage adversity.  Remember: 13 years as a head coach, never a losing season.  And anyway, as long as they keep playing as hard as they have been -- and there's no reason to expect them to stop -- I'll be devoted whether they play .500 or win the conference.

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Lexington reacts



 from the article:

"He just killed us," Smith said of Lofton.

UK fans probably considered it a suicide. So did Smith. When asked if he regretted the decision not to offer Lofton a scholarship, the UK coach said, "Yeah."

When a reporter followed up by asking whether the UK coach had a "little or a lot" of regret, Smith snapped, "I said yes."



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Blogging the Kentucky game

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That was classic.

That was classic.
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Deadly Hippos

Holy crap, that was funny! Thanks for the link... of course, I'm laughing in my office and none of these Texans know what the heck I'm laughing at, but that's OK.

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More Hippos

(link...) Was exploring this site, and came across this wicked essay on children of famous parents. These guys are wonderfully twisted.
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A couple more thoughts

Here are two things I don't recall hearing on a Tennessee men's basketball broadcast before, and I heard both last night:

-- This is an extremely well-coached team. 

-- This team is playing now to improve its seeding in the NCAA tournament.  They could be as high as a two-seed.

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