Feb 13 2013
01:34 pm

Zaid Jilani reports:

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) wants to raise the Medicare age. He says he wants to do this to save money, but he opposes letting Medicare negotiate for drug prices — meaning he would rather seniors bear the burden with benefit cuts than cut into Big Pharma’s profits.

Today, several lobbyists who represent the industry will be throwing him a fundraising lunch in Washington, D.C. at Charlie Palmer Steak, a popular [palm-greasing] spot

The Senator's D.C. office # is (202) 224-4944.

Elizabeth Barger's picture

Benefits, not unearned entitlements

Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. It actually helps maintain our economy by keeping people able to buy necessities with money from their earnings that have been put into Social Security. How to save Social Security is not to keep hardworking low income people from using it as their bodies get older.

It would make our country stronger to widen the coverage of medicare and medicaid to all citizens. Taking the cap off of earnings over the present limit will make Social Security and Medicare funding secure. Cutting benefits will cost more money and lives.

Big Pharma doesn't need a break. Working people in Tennessee and America do. We are looking to you to represent us all.

Local Citizen's picture


Is this news? Lamar is a Republican. Screw the working poor and seniors while supporting the rich. The stupid people of Tennessee, including those whom he has always voted against, will elect him again.

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