Jan 18 2013
06:50 pm

From Yahoo ...

The number of unemployed Tennesseans is at its lowest point since the economic meltdown of 2008.

Unemployed in Tenn. at lowest point since 2008

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Pretty meaningless report.

Pretty meaningless report. Look at the amount of temporary holiday work and the number of people no longer considered part of the labor force and you'll see why those numbers change and why they tell very little about the state of the economy.

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OneAnon: correct- this is a meaningless statistic

This statistic is incomplete and somewhat misleading without including the number of long term unemployed who are no longer able to receive unemployment compensation. We also need to know the percentage of residents who are in low wage, part time, no benefits jobs in TN.This report should represent the percentages of TN residents by wages beginning with the highest earners down to the lowest earners.

It also fails to show the percentages of low and below wages relative to the population by comparing the salaries of those who ARE employed to those who are under paid. Those underpaid are the workers who must rely on government health care benefits for themselves and their families. Their corporate employers are exploiting the taxpayers by failing to pay fair ages and benefits.

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Meaningless unless foisted

Meaningless unless foisted during the Bush era.

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