Jan 10 2013
01:15 am
By: fischbobber  shortURL


I've posted the results link to the last election here, primarily as an illustration of my foolishness. Silly me, I started out with the premise that Anthony Hancock would need somewhere between 4,000 and 7,000 votes to win his election. I was wrong. Anthony Hancock got over 9600 votes and still did not pull 40% of the vote. What happened?

For lack of a better phrase, machine politics. Tim Burchett is Stacy Campfield who is Steve Hall who is Santa Claus who is Bill Haslam who is Jimmy Duncan etc. etc. etc.....

Republicans have a brand and it brings folks to the polls.

Why don't Democrats have a brand?

I spoke with a pro-gun guy today. We talked of the general uselessness of the AR-15 and the .223 round in general. We spoke of the obligation of a citizen to secure his weapons at all times. We spoke of the relative inefficient nature of the handgun as a means of personal defense. In other words, we found reasonable common ground under the second amendment. Reasonable. There is a brand in absolute contrast with that of the Republicans.

Why aren't we using it?


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