Florida East Coast Industries, a Coral Gables-based railroad and real estate company, is planning on bringing a new passenger rail service to Florida. The cost? $1 billion. The company says they can do it without any public subsidy.

Their plan is to provide a 16-19 trains a day to/from Miami/Orlando. A one way trip from Miami to Orlando will be about $100 and take about 3 hours. Construction is begin in 2013 and service available in 2015.

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But, but, but, can you bring

But, but, but, can you bring pigs, chickens, and dogs? :)

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Cool. And stop with the


And stop with the hating on Amtrak about dogs. That's a one person ruins it for all situation. You are allowed to bring your dog/cat/alpaca/rabid marmoset on NJT trains and, invariably, some person will let FiFi run wild. Amtrak is just dealing with experience on it. It's bad enough with the kids.

Anyhow, the wife is headed to NYC for a business trip tonight. Late train from Rocky Mount with a sleeper berth. So jealous. Sleeping on trains is the best.

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Amtrak to NYC

I suppose i should just use my Amtrak app, but do I understand that your wife is taking an overnight route to NY? I LOVE Amtrak and prefer the overnight routes, as well. But I usually take a day train from Raleigh.

When going west I take the overnight from Ashland, KY to Chicago (on the Viewliner...taller, but no sightseeing car.) Then board one of the Superliners to California.

But overnight to NYC? Please; do tell!

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Overnight to NYC

I took the Crescent once from Charlotte to Penn Station. It was a joy. The only real downside (and it was still a fun adventure) was the 2 am departure in Charlotte. Other than that, passenger rail is so convenient and comfortable, why would anyone endure the agony and expense of air travel these days for <500 miles? Higher speeds would change everything!

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She takes the 2AM train from

She takes the 2AM train from Rocky Mount to Penn Station. It gets in at 11AM to New York. She gets up about 9AM and gets some work done, walks to her hotel, then walks around the corner to her office for a lunch meeting. Cost of round-trip? $288. She does not take a sleeper back as it leaves at 3:15 on Friday and gets in at 10:30PM. You can't drive that fast from here to New York.

I can catch the Amtrak Bus to Wilson right outside my office and be in Philly in 9 hours, no stress. When wife wants to take the girls shopping it is way cheaper than driving to Washington and you get be in Tyson's Corner in under 5 hours.

BTW, she's working for this guy.

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A sleeper for $288 roundtrip? Isn't the sleeper one way $250?

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No. Depends on how you book

No. Depends on how you book and when you book. $140 for the sleeper supplement and $148 for the ticket. No fees.

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