Aug 7 2006
09:20 am

Major Alaska pipeline shut down:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Oil company BP scrambled Monday to assess suspected pipeline corrosion that will shut shipments from the nation's biggest oilfield, removing about 8 percent of daily U.S. crude production and driving oil prices sharply higher.


The news sent the price of light, sweet crude oil up $1.53 to $74.57 a barrel in electronic trading Monday on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Going shopping for a hybrid...

Andy Axel's picture

Worse than anticipated


This closure will last, likely, for months. They have to manufacture and replace 16 miles of transit pipeline.


"winkin' at my peers," quotin' Thurston.

metulj's picture

Thank God for my scooter.

Thank God for my scooter. Our Volvo V70 gets a nice 29-30mpg one the highway, but as soon as you use it for getting milk, beer or stuff from the farmer's market that drops 15mpg. I look like an idiot on the scooter, but an idiot getting 100mpg. 


True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

rikki's picture

14 years without using a pig!?

I blame working Alaskans for allowing socialist oil royalty checks from the state to fund marijuana habits that make them too pacified to notice their pipeline was about to crack.

 "The oil company said it was surprised to find such severe corrosion, and had gone 14 years without using a device called a "pig" to clean out its lines because it did not believe it was necessary."

See what I mean? That pipeline was obviously being run by a bunch of stoned slackers. Perhaps the engineers were too busy tending hydroponic farms hidden in the IR glow of pumping stations instead of doing their jobs.

Eleanor A's picture

Thinking of buying a Vespa

Only thing is, they're big $$$ and also they're fast enough to get you smashed up on the side of the road more easily than the 49cc Honda I have now...

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