May 18 2010
11:52 pm

Despite a vigorous get-out-the-vote tea Party/Palin effort, Jack Murtha's seat stays Democratic.

this was not expected.

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And Joe Sestak defeats

And Joe Sestak defeats "Democratic" candidate Arlen Specter in the PA-Sen primary.

It didn't even take a magic bullet.

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this was not expected. An 8

this was not expected.

An 8 point margin of victory certainly wasn't expected, especially not by the Weekly Standard. But the win was expected elsewhere, and anyway Critz is very conservative.

Of course on the face of it, having the swing-district conservative in your caucus rather than the other guy's seems sensible. But the Dems have shown that this leaves the problem of herding all those cats onto a coherent platform, all the while battling the perception that even when your party does have majorities, or even super-majorities, they STILL can't get anything done.

Nevertheless, this Dem victory will be a huge perception setter and reference point for NOV.

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