The Tennessee Democratic Party announced today that the keynote speaker and special guest at the annual TNDP Jackson Day Dinner in Nashville will be Vice President Joe Biden.

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From the TNDP:

NASHVILLE - Vice President Joe Biden will be the keynote speaker at the Tennessee Democratic Party's annual Jackson Day Dinner, to be held later this summer in Nashville.

"We are very excited to have the Vice President of the United States at this year's event," Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester said. "This is a critical election year in the state, and the Vice President understands how vital it is to elect Tennessee Democrats who understand that good jobs, top-notch schools and safe neighborhoods create successful communities.

"Our state and our country are facing challenging times. We need leaders who just don't pay lip service to those challenges. Vice President Biden is a leader who rolls up his sleeves and dedicates all his energy to those challenges. He and the President are focused on making this state and this country a better place to live and raise a family."

Jackson Day is an annual dinner held by the Tennessee Democratic Party honoring President Andrew Jackson, the founder of the modern Democratic Party. Further information and media details concerning the exact time, date and location of this year's event will be provided as they become available.

Biden served in the U.S. Senate for 36 years before becoming the nation's 47th Vice President. As the chairman or ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations and the Judiciary committees during much of his tenure, the Vice President has helped shape this nation's foreign policy and its criminal justice system.

"Vice President Biden has been one of this nation's most influential leaders, and he is now helping President Obama reinvigorate the economy and our relations around the world," Forrester said. "Tennessee Democrats appreciate his service to our nation and his willingness to help us build momentum for this fall's elections."

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We may have to attend this

We may have to attend this function. I do regret not attending when Bill Clinton was the speaker.

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Joe Biden's Stand-Up Routine

There were never any snakes in Ireland, St. Patrick just made that up. That's why he's the patron saint of Fox News.

A little taste of what's to come?

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